Buying Your First Chopper? Here’s The Ultimate Guide

Stepping into the world of heritage motorcycles can be daunting if you’ve never owned a motorcycle before. Your love for choppers may make you google 60’s style choppers for sale every second morning, and it may be the right thing to do to some extent. But won’t it be better to know all you need to know before entering the exciting world of bobbers and choppers and making your first big purchase?

Here’s how to start and finish in style:

Your ability matters…

Knowing your ability is the first step to success – not only while buying your dream chopper but in anything you do. Evaluating the type of rider you are will help ensure that you don’t end up making a wrong purchase. You would never want to buy something you cannot handle, would you? So, choose wisely.

…So does your purpose

Why do you want to buy this motorcycle? Is it for commuting to work? Or you’re buying it for some other purpose? Get clarity on your ‘why’ before you go ahead and buy. Knowing your purpose means you have a clear picture of what specifications you would expect in your motorcycle.

You cannot ignore your budget, too

Sometimes, you may like a model, and it may have all the features you want and need for your use. But then you realize that you won’t be able to afford it and have to look for other options, doing research and all the other things again. Won’t it be better to set a budget and stick to it from the beginning, making your search more efficient while eliminating the last-minute surprises?

The terrain matters

Another important consideration is the terrain you’re going to ride the motorcycle for the most time on. Make sure to check whether the model is designed for the landscape and seasonal temperature of your location. Not all motorcycles can be used on back-country roads. Similarly, you won’t enjoy riding all of them in urban areas. So, be careful.

New or used – that matters

There will be moments when your budget will play the culprit, stopping you from clicking at your dream chopper. What to do now? Buy a used one! Isn’t it wiser to look for a used one in good condition than compromising on something you never wanted? Ask yourself and decide.

In case you plan to buy a used one, here are some tips:

  • Give the chopper a quick visual check.
  • Make sure that the chain is neat and tight.
  • Check whether the brake discs are in tip-top shape.
  • Don’t miss the engine.

Don’t forget to try before you buy

Oh yes! How could you go ahead without doing this one thing?

The bottom line

Your chopper motorcycle is not another random pick like most of your purchases. You will be spending hundreds of precious hours of your life with it. So, it is crucial to choose the right one. Buying it in a hurry and regretting it later is the worst you could do to yourself. This guide will help ensure that you make your best first purchase. Follow these tips and get ready to enjoy the best rides of your life on your very own chopper.

In case you’re looking for 60’s style choppers for sale, reach out to us today or explore our collection.