The American Motorcycle – 1869-1914

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The American Motorcycle:

A Chronological History

Volume 1, 1869-1914


by Stephen Wright

Memorial Edition

Volume One of The American Motorcycle: A Chronological History, 1869-1914, by Stephen Wright transports the reader back to a time long since vanished – when life was simple, the roads were uncrowded, and every ride was an adventure. Hundreds of spectacular black and white and color photographs, the majority of which have never been published before, evoke these times and enable the reader to follow the evolution of the American motorcycle during its most diverse period of development, 1869-1914.When Stephen Wright passed away on April 10, 2014, there were several hundred of these books left. In his memory a memorial edition has been created, which includes a memorial written by Stephen’s daughter, Hillary.Wright’s first two books, The American Racer, Vols. 1 and 2, are truly collectors’ items. These books are sold out and most likely will not be reprinted. One of these books in fair condition typically sells for $750.00 to $1000.00.

The American Motorcycle, 1869-1914 will surely become as coveted as his first two books.



  • Large 11″ X 12″ format
  • 272 pages, 240 spectacular black and white photos, 60 color photos
  • Over 100 different brands of motorcycles.
  • Foreword by Jay Leno
  • Biographical profiles of the brilliant inventors, mechanical visionaries and charismatic entrepreneurs who founded the industry.
  • Early inventions which were directly or indirectly linked to the motorcycle industry, including bicycles, tricycles, aircraft and automobiles.
  • Highlights of the annual Chicago and New York trade shows.
  • Accounts of heroic achievements by board track, dirt track, and endurance racing stars.
  • Contemporary cartoons, illustrations, selected anecdotes, and correspondence between key industry leaders.

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