S-133 1949 Triumph T-100 ‘Square Barrel’ G.P. 500cc Motorcycle

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Post WW2, Triumph built approximately 150 GP ‘Square Barrel’ models made from the generator motors Triumph built for use WW2, in Lancaster Bombers, or parachuted to troops in the field. These 150 were multi-purpose, some of them built for RR, some shipped to Johnson Motors in the US for Daytona – having primary covers due to racing on sand. Some were built with single carbs for the ISDT in Italy where they successfully won Gold Medals and the Manufacturers Trophy for Triumph!!

Reality being tantamount, of those 150, many were modified, crashed or scrapped when AJS, Norton etc., built pure road racers. The quantity still left with matching numbers as they departed the factory, is minuscule.

This S-133 1949 Triumph T-100 ‘Square Barrel’ G.P. has been taken from a genuine ‘basket case’ machine and over a three-year period and $30k+ (spent just on parts and labor) it has been restored just as a Sponsor/Tuner would have back in the day – his ‘tuning’ efforts to turn a stock bike into a faster, better bike than the competition – no apologies made! As such, this particular example has not only been built to be a pretty but static Museum showpiece, not only externally, but carefully restored internally correct and prepared to actually Run and Compete in Vintage Races In 2017!

Included with this S-133 1949 Triumph T-100 ‘Square Barrel’ G.P. are:

• Twin matching left & right Amal 1-3/16” GP Racing Carbs – extremely rare and expensive, if found;Correct vapor blasted cases;

• Balanced and lightened crank, with roller bearings as were in all original machines, not ball bearings;

• Custom Conrods made in the UK in Alloy 70/76 etc. Not Just A Pretty Static Display Classic, But Built To Run As an Original in 1949;

• Sold Complete With Powered Roller Starter!!!! They didn’t come with kick starters. Push starts were the only option! As those crazy Heroes said in the Isle of Man back in 1949!






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