2006 Custom Chopper – Made of Steel – RevTech Motor

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2006 Custom Chopper
Made of Steel – RevTech 115 Engine


This is a 2006, One-of-a-Kind, Custom Chopper Motorcycle. This is an all-steel machine so what you see is a sculptured work of art by the best metal fabricators around.

This bike was commissioned by a motorcycle art powersport aficionado in Tennessee in 2006. The builder was a famous custom chopper builder also from Tennessee. He loved art, loves motorcycles, and loved fast choppers.

This motorcycle is a metal art sculpted dragster completely made of steel and the motor is a RevTech 115.

Take a good look at this beautiful work of art! How much fun to have it purring between your legs!

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280 miles showing on a working digital odometer

Paint is in excellent condition. Custom paint is a rusty/copper orange with artwork. This painter is the best of the best in his craft. Study the paint and ask…how did they do that? Exquisite custom work!

Sheet Metal
Sheet metal is in excellent condition and well fit. Sheet metal is all Steel! Imagine the work necessary to get it to fit as it is…wow!

Chrome is in excellent condition. Every piece of metal non-painted is high tech chrome in excellent condition

This is a brand new 115 RevTech engine. It is a powerhouse complete with compression release to assist in starting. Blip the throttle and dig the immediate response. Throttle through the gears and pay attention to the road, you have lit the rocket ship!

The 6-speed Baker trans converts the engine power to the wide belt and onto the rear wheel, very clean and smooth. There is a hidden compressor onboard to control rear suspension. (no, the rear tire does not scrape the fender…if you air up the suspension!)

Wheels & Tires
Check the rear rim…way cool single sided axle…wow!
Front rim maintains the style and carries great rubber and good braking.

Clear CT Title and registration

Cost of build — $100,000 Plus

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