1998 Harley Davidson Softtail

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As Told by the Seller…

This bike was destined to be a classic before it left the drawing board – the ultimate retro bike, the epitome of the Iron Horse analogy. The saddle-shaped seat, the partial leather saddlebags with leather fringe & trim, and the classic springer front end which Harley discontinued in 2012.

The Henderson Harley dealer outside of Vegas has had a poster-size promotional photo from Harley on display of this exact model (same color too) for at least the last 10 years (see photos) The only photo of a bike on display there. I tried to buy it but they just laughed. Having incredibly low mileage and always housed in a climate-controlled garage has kept this bike looking showroom perfect.

In 2013 I decided to have some fun with the bike. I had the dealer install Samson exhaust pipes, identical-looking to the original fishtail stock pipes, to give it just the right amount of roar…but not too much. None of the neighbors ever complained about my early AM rides. They also added 16” ape hanger handlebars which enables me to lean back just about 10 degrees with my feet propped-up on the foot pegs attached to the side motor guards. It feels like I’m riding in a Lazy Boy chair – very sweet…and comfortable!

They also added red LED lights under the gas tank to give the motor an awesome, commanding presence cruising down the street at night. At that time, I added a laydown license plate, mostly for safety reasons but it gives the bike a cleaner look too.

The previous owner added the front fender rails and stanchions I always thought would be perfect to tie a sleeping bag to.

The bike comes with the original, now spare parts – exhaust pipes, handle bars, windscreen and license plate holder – all in near perfect if not perfect condition like the rest of the bike.

The only thing I don’t like about the bike is I had to install a different speedometer. In the 90s Harley installed speedometers where the numbers would gradually fade away over time. I was worried they would fade away completely and no one, not even myself, would know what the mileage is. I had a new, but different speedometer installed. Harley discontinued the factory installed speedometer for obvious reasons. (I do have the original speedometer so you can see for yourself what the problem was). I have documentation from the dealer on the authenticity of the mileage. I also have all the service orders/invoices under my ownership.

Since buying this bike in 2007, while I was living in Afghanistan and then Iraq, eventually settling down in Thailand after living a few years in Vegas, I realized it’s not worth the expense of storing the bike in Vegas just to ride it four or five hours a year. Thailand wants me to pay a $25.000 tax to bring it into their country. It just makes sense to pass it on to someone who will appreciate it as much as I do.

Like the muscle cars of the 60s and 70s, I’d bet this bike is going to fetch hundreds of thousands of dollars when my son is my age. But you can have a blast on it until then!


Flawless factory white paint with red trim.

Sheet Metal
Sheet metal is all factory original. No known dings or dents.

Looks like the day it left the factory.

This motorcycle is in excellent mechanical condition. It has only been serviced by Harley dealers.

Wheels & Tires
Rims are stainless steel/chrome high polish. Front tire is Harley Dunlop whitewall, minimal miles, great sidewall and tread. Rear tire is Harley Dunlop whitewall, minimal miles. Great sidewall and tread.

Clear Kentucky Title
Belly # If applicable Harley Only

NADA Value Guide:
Excellent. $12,410 suggested value

Included in the Overview

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