1995 Triumph Super III Motorcycle

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This motorcycle is a prime example of Triumph’s Superbike from 1995. Produced from 1994 through 1996 in very limited numbers, with engine tubing by Cosworth, this 885cc triple is rated at 115 horsepower, with an estimated top speed of nearly 150mph.

This example has just over 10,000 miles showing on the odometer, The bodywork, fenders, cases, paint and tires are in excellent condition. 

This bike was just taken out of dry storage and set up by a professional Triumph shop, It is ready to roll, quick, and nimble.

Consider the following review from the August 1995 issue of Motorcyclist magazine. 

“First thing you notice is it isn’t in the same mold as Japanese race replicas such as Suzuki’s GSX-Rs,  it feels long, tall and still a bit heavy.  It can’t flick through chicanes like a repli-GP machine and it doesn’t rev way into five figures. But the Daytona is deceptive; its point-to-point performance is superb, with most of the credit for this belonging to a new engine that ticks over with a slightly cantankerous rumble that tells you ‘I’m an engine’.  From the instant you press the button, the Triumph exudes the sort of engine character that Japan largely designed out years ago.

There are no bottom-end flat spots, just a rising tide of willing revs. The Daytona Super III is content to potter at slow speeds but useful power begins to swell at 3000 rpm, continues unabated until the 9500 rpm red line and at no point does it ever feel remotely stressed.  Peak revs equates to 148 mph in top gear which might not seem impressive in an age of 150 mph 600s but it is how the new triple’s getting there that sets it apart.  While most engines of comparable range are either bland or plain slow, the 900 is a speed touring monster, an unburstable projectile from A to B.

The rest of the package is of the same high quality. The gear changes are positive, with no under-selection, the truck-sized clutch practically redundant once on the move. Six speeds is overkill, but allows relaxed top gear ratios. In almost every area, the bike seems over-engineered.
The Super III does a superb job of filling a segment that seems to have been vacated except for the ZZR; charismatic sportbike that can also be used as a daily rider and medium distance touring machine.   No doubts that this bike will become an important piece of the reborn Triumphs legacy and a future classic.”




Fly Yellow Excellent factory paint. no scratches marks. No fade areas alway

Sheet Metal

Excellent Body panels are all factory delivered and in excellent shape. No dings or dents.




Excellent. This bike was just taken out of dry storage by a professional Triumph mechanic. New batterym new fluids and carbs set uo=p and tuned. This bike is exactly as it should be aas a runner. The mechanic stated that of he were not so old he would purchase this himself, it is such a great ride! This boke is ready for a ride home by the new owner.

Wheels & Tires

Rims: Alloy
Front Tire: 120/50ZR17
Rear Tire: 180/55ZR17


Clean CA title
Engine # 372DDS019653
Frame #

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Suggested as a 1 at $4,510



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