1984 HD FLHX Shovelhead Electra Glide Special Edition — Continued from First Page

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1984 Harley Davidson FLHX Shovelhead Electra Glide Special Edition – Restored from the Ground Up


Story/History as Told by the Seller/Rebuilder/Restorer…

I looked for this bike for many years. I found one that was 100 percent original with only 3,000 miles. Problem is that it was in very rough condition as it had sat in a steel yard barn in New Jersey, long after the original owner had passed on.

I purchased that (this) bike, then began an 18-month search for all NOS parts. I spent considerable time and $$$ in the restoration process. With 40+ years of working on H-D motorcycles, I personally performed the complete restoration process with the exception of paint work… which was meticulously performed by an absolute PRO.

What I can 100 percent attest to is that my 1984 H-D FLHX Electra-Glide is in 100 percent Museum Quality condition. It has absolutely NO flaws anywhere. I guarantee you that in person… this bike looks absolutely BRAND NEW!!!

This motorcycle is absolutely PERFECT! It has won 1st place (antique) in many major shows across the Country. It has been featured in (2) magazines.

I had agreed to a purchase deal with the H-D Museum 2 years ago…as they do NOT have this model in their collection. They backed out of our deal after I had delivered the bike to Milwaukee. Their reason was described as “budget restrictions” placed on the Museum by Corporate H-D.

I have no plans to show this bike any longer. I have not plated it for a few years now. I do not plan on riding it any longer. It is in such PRISTINE condition, I do not want to take any chances with even a small paint chip!

It starts and runs perfectly. It lives in my climate-controlled shop year-round. I keep it covered so that NO hands touch it.

Having once tried (unsuccessfully) to purchase this exact model when new in 1984 kind of haunted me for many years to try to obtain one… and to restore it to BRAND NEW condition. When I finally found this bike, my “enthusiasm” for trying to acquire this bike really gripped me by the balls, and foolishly agreed to pay more than I should have. Of course, that is just Chapter One.

Chapter Two begins with me acquiring ALL Genuine H-D factory original NOS parts, down to factory-only NOS hardware… and I mean EVERYTHING H-D! I have had many contacts throughout the industry…. including having done business with many old Harley dealers throughout the Country that I knew would have NOS parts… but more importantly, who would sell them to me…. knowing the QUALITY, I would put into this restoration.

– Fiberglass = Fairing, Saddlebags, Tour Pak: PERFECT / FLAWLESS
– ALL OEM Graphics, Badges, Decals throughout are CORRECT / PERFECT
– Rear shock absorbers are brand new NOS with new NOS chrome covers.
– Rear swingarm professionally repainted. Brand new NOS bearings installed, swing arm axles and front/rear wheel axles are all brand-new NOS components.
– Front fork assemblies are completely rebuilt with all brand new NOS components.

A particularly difficult portion of the restoration centered on trying to acquire the NOS Special graphics that are specific for ONLY this model and that correctly matches the factory Birch White paint scheme with Gold pinstriping. With the help of those old H-D dealers… the Motor Company’s Vintage Parts Division (that has since been permanently closed), the internet, and many, many months of tedious searching and a big cash outlay… I finally achieved my goal of attaining ALL CORRECT factory parts that would allow this motorcycle to be revived to 100 percent Museum Quality.

Other than the very expensive but absolute PRO paint work, the rest of the project was up to me! Of course, I have the mechanical skills to completely rebuild the engine, trans, primary drive, electrical system, suspension, etc. I did have to put in hundreds of hours to pull this off successfully. You may be aware how restorations go. Once you are committed, there is no turning back. I am certain that many guys like me are so driven to achieve their final goal, that during the process… we kind of turn a “blind eye” to the money we are spending!

Please note that my bike is 100 percent OEM bone stock as it came from the MoCo… with two exceptions.

1. The “square plates” mounted to the rear of the saddlebag guard rails… with the H-D Bar & Shield, are H-D accessory items that I had in my inventory for many years. I thought they would look good on this bike, so I did install them. I guess I kinda wanted to see if ANY of the bike show judges would notice these as an accessory… which they never did!

2. The ONLY “improvements” I added to the bike was for my SAFETY while riding the bike the small number of miles I rode it. I installed “modern” H-D/Dunlop tires. I do still have the ORIGINAL Dunlop white stripe tires that came on the bike when it was new. They look to be in very good shape. I have no problem including them with the bike when it sells.

This motorcycle has been kept covered with NO hands on it… in my climate-controlled shop. It still looks as BRAND NEW as the day it was completed! I think you can clearly see that this is not just the “usual” rigid frame, 4 speed, Shovel, FLH.

A really cool side note… since the MoCo was producing the LAST of the Shovel bikes and quickly turning their backs on same… as they were at the same time producing their new Evolution motored bikes, many with rubber mounted engines and 5 speed trans, they screwed up and did NOT keep one of the 1984 FLHXs for their Museum Collection!

Long story but, as it turned out… I had agreed to a great purchase deal for my 1984 FLHX with the Harley Davidson Museum two years ago. Unfortunately, though, they backed out of our deal at the last minute, due to “budget restrictions” placed on the Museum by Corporate H-D.

You may notice that some of the dates shown in several pics are wrong. I don’t remember how this happened for sure… but with my inept computer + digital camera skills… easy to figure. The ones dated 2003 were actually shot in Daytona Beach, Florida at Bike Week 2007.


Bike Week – Daytona 2007
1. Runner up (Antique) – H-D (MoCo) Custom Bike Show.
2. 1st Place (Antique) – Annual Daytona Boardwalk Bike Show.
3. 1st Place (Antique) – Pro Builders Show – Daytona International Speedway.
** Willie G and Bill Davidson autograph interior Tour Pak lid.
** Bill and Karen Davidson sit on bike for pictures.

Milwaukee 105th Anniversary – 2008
1. 1st Place (Antique) – H-D (MoCo) Custom Bike Show – Milwaukee Lakefront.
2. 1st Place (Antique) – EasyRiders Bike Show.

National HOG Rally – Oklahoma City, OK – 2009
1. 1st Place (Antique) – H-D (MoCo) Custom Bike Show.

Bike Week – Daytona 2010
1. 1st Place (Antique) – Annual Daytona Boardwalk Bike Show.

Bike Week – Sturgis 2011
1. 1st Place (Antique) – H-D (MoCo) Custom Ride-In Bike Show.
** Willie G and Nancy Davidson autograph interior Tour Pak lid.

Bike Week – Sturgis 2012
1. Runner up (Antique) – H-D (MoCo) Custom Ride-In Bike Show.
2. Best Restored (Antique) – EasyRiders Bike Show – Tin Lizzie Casino – Deadwood, SD.

Indianapolis PRO Bike Show – 2012
1. (1st Place (Antique) – Sponsored by: Q95 FM Radio and Eiteljorg Museum.

H-D Museum – Annual Labor Day Event – Milwaukee – 2014
1. 2nd Place (Full Dresser) – H-D (MoCo) Custom Ride-In Bike Show.

H-D Museum – Annual Labor Day Event – Milwaukee – 2017
1. 2nd Place (Full Dresser) – H-D (MoCo) Custom Ride-In Bike Show.


American Iron – Motorcycle BAGGER
Volume 3, Issue 2 – March 2012

American Iron – Special 2013 – Harley Special Anniversary Issue

… All very GOOD memories that have made me quite PROUD!! You can see that the pictures PROVE just how BEAUTIFUL this machine truly is!

MANY MORE PHOTOS, including pics of the rebuild/restoration, are available to review upon request. These additional photos do a good job of telling the story of the rebirth of this bike. The Seller says they are just a small sampling of literally 100s of professional photos that were taken during the project process, a complete step-by-step record. Contact Tim@ClassicMotorcycleConsignments.com for a link to more pics.


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