1976 Honda Super Sport CB750F

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I am the second owner of this classic and well-engineered Japanese bike. My neighbor bought it new and had it stored for 10 years with 17K miles on it. My kids are grown, and I talked him into selling it. I grew up riding a Honda 550F so this was an easy transition.
I completely refurbished the bike in 2006 with all new OEM parts, tires, brakes, chain, sprockets, clutch, new fork tubes , cables, and more. I pulled the engine and cleaned it, repainted the frame and side-covers to factory original appearance.

The tank was professionally repainted and pinstriped to match the original appearance and colors. Re-chromed many of the parts, like the fenders and shocks. The engine needed no work. Valves, timing chain and mechanicals were all fine, so I left it alone. Carbs were pulled and cleaned but really did not need to be rebuilt. To this day the bike runs like a top and rides smooth.

Single front and rear offset disc brakes on this model are a little unusual and I would have to say it needs getting used to. This bike is not in concours condition, but it’s in very good condition. I have tried to keep it all stock, except a few things were unavailable. The 4:1 headers are original but the exhaust pipe is not stock— simply unavailable. The original vinyl seat started splitting so I had a seat maker in Texas make a black leather same-as-stock-look seat. It looks great and is much more comfortable. I have a removable windscreen on it and a sissy bar with rack. I also added a period type chrome engine roll guard.

I have been riding this bike every year 500-1000 miles with virtually no problems except very small things like a gauge that lost a lens, a fuse, bulbs, a new ignition switch (now it has 2 keys— one for ignition, the original for seat and tank lock). The bike has been inspected and registered. It gets a lot of looks. I am about to retire so it’s time to go to 4 wheels so I can take my grandkids around. It’s painful, but this great machine deserves a new good home.

38,220 on a working odometer.

Tank was professionally repainted and professionally pinstriped to match original- it has one good ding on the top of it that has been filled in but is noticeable. The frame and side-covers are repainted factory black.

Sheet Metal
See above Tank, some minor scratches and dents on the chain guard typical wear.

Fenders and other chromed pieces are good but not perfect. The chrome headers have some
Surface rust in places and some wear/discoloration/pitting which is fairly normal.

This motorcycle is in excellent mechanical condition. Starts easy and runs strong. Oil is changed regularly, tuned up, new plugs, valve adjustments per manual recommendations done.

Wheels & Tires
Original Rims are chrome with spokes. The rims are in fair condition- some minor rust spots and wear but mechanically sound and spokes have been trued.

Tires are both new Dunlop street tires with full tread.

State of NH, Title number 1460904, originally dated 7-22-1976
VIN# CB750F-2009420
Engine: CB750E-2525477


NADA: “https://www.nadaguides.com/Motorcycles/1976/Honda/CB750F-SUPER-SPORT”
Excellent $3,900
Very Good $2,620

Hagerty Value Guide: “https://www.hagerty.com/apps/valuationtools/1976-Honda-CB750F_750_Super_Sport”
• #2 Excellent $5,500
• #3 Good $4,000

Bike comes with original manual, shop manual, original tool kit,
Some spare miscellaneous parts like fuses and bulbs.

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