1972 Harley Davidson Shovehead Bobber — Hoeinghaus Col — SOLD!

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This is a 1972 Harley Davidson Shovelhead Bobber. (A Bobber is a motorcycle that has been customized without cutting the frame). This motorcycle was the favorite ride of the builder and he made the conversion and repaint in the late 80’s. It is a correctly numbered motorcycle with an extended front fork and many period/builder customizations. This motorcycle has not run for 10 plus years. It does kick through with compression. The bike has a few storage scratches and dings, is laden with dust, the seat is aftermarket and correct for the style. The tires hold air but are not technically road worthy. This is a classic period-correct customized motorcycle that should clean up nicely and be ridden as is.


Unknown mileage. The speedometer indicates 70,611 which should be correct if it was working when parked.


This motorcycle was repainted when turned to a bobber back in the 80’s. It is of good quality and application. The pin stripping and logo are well done. The paint will probably restore somewhat with a good cleaning and polish.

Sheet Metal

The sheet metal that is present is in good shape with minimal dings. The gas tanks appear to be worthy, no visible soft spots. No dings or dents noted. The gas tank appears to be usable with minimal rust inside.


What chrome that is on the motorcycle is dull and pitting. It should take reasonably well to a good cleaning and polishing.


The mechanical condition of this motorcycle is unknow. It has not run for at least 10 years. There is no outward indicator of repairs needed. The engine and drive train are intact and appear to have been operable when parked. The chains are properly in place as are all mechanical parts. No abnormal oil leak spots evident. Minor damage in the form of a couple of broken fins in normal places on the heads. This motorcycle could be placed in service with a flush of the lubricants and fresh fuel with a carburetor cleaning and ignition cleaning. New battery is needed. Many experts would consider and advise a complete tear down of the engine and transmission to prevent a catastrophic event occurring from static decay.

Wheels & Tires

Rims are chromed steel with chrome spokes and nipples.
Front Tire is Avon. 3.00 X 21. Tread is mediocre, sidewalls are decent. Tire is over 10 years old.
Rear Tire is Pirelli 130/90 X 19 MT 66. Tread is good, sidewalls decent. Tire 10 plus years old.


Clear California Title with a non-op registration.
Engine # 2C39351H2
Frame # 2C16756H1
Belly # 172-16181 Match

Valuation Resource Guide

NADA: This motorcycle is not rated because it is a bobber. Year Model pricing is Very Good $10,260 Good $7,140 Fair $5,475

HAGERTY VALUE GUIDE: This bobber is not rated. Year Model price values indicated below #2 Excellent $9600 #3 Good $7,200 #4 Fair $5,400




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