1972 Harley Davidson FX Boat Tail Nite Train

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The current owner of this historic motorcycle saw a For Sale add in the newspaper in Milwaukee, WI and just had to have it. He called a friend who was a great Harley Davidson mechanic and historian and they drove across town to take a look. This was in 1997. The motorcycle was purchased and taken home and the authenticity of the motorcycle was again researched by a contact in the Harley Davidson archives and the bike was verified to be a 1972 FX Boat Tail “Nite Train.” The motorcycle moved to southern California with the owner and that is where it is today.

Historical data indicating that this is a 1972 FX Nite Train accompany the motorcycle to the new owner. The WI title also indicates a 1972 VIN.

This is a machine that needs a kick or two to run and the current owner is not able to kick to start so its time to find a new home. This is a nicely maintained motorcycle that is still shows signs of its road time.

This motorcycle is part of the Jastroch Collection.


23,858 showing on a working speedometer and believed to be correct for the motorcycle.


This appears to be original paint that is on good shape.

Sheet Metal

All original sheet metal. A small dent in the right front tank.


Chrome is original and shows signs of age.


This is a kick start only machine that may start on the first ignition kick and maybe not. The owner says ya never know which it is. The engine is original and a smooth runner after quality kicking. Time for a precision tune-up. This bike has not been run much in the past 5 years and would need some proper attention to ensure that it is roadworthy.

Wheels & Tires

Tires look real good but are suspect for a high speed run in the heat. Rims are chrome with chrome spokes in very good shape.


Clean, clear, and WI title on a non op.
Engine # 2C16531
Frame # 2C16531
Belly# Match

Valuation Resource Guide

This would rate as a 2+ or a 1- Suggested Value of $12,625 to $19, 605



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