1970 Harley Davidson Shovelhead Chopper Old school, Todd Marshall Art

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Harley Davidson Chopper, 1970 Shovelhead, old school with a 10 foot stretch front end. Todd Marshall Paleontology Art

This motorcycle was a running machine when it was used for a new piece of assemblage art. The bike is real so the assemblage art is large. The bike is depicted on a side walk in the town of Norwalk California back in the day. The rider parked next to a parking meter on the sidewalk and chained his bike up. He then entered the tatoo shop and watched as his “ole lady” get her first tatoo. Check the fine art work
and airbrushing. Air brushing work was completed by the famous palentoligist painter, Todd Marshall. This 1970 Harley Davidson Chopper is about ready to run if you want to remove it from the art form but,why would you do that?

The bike is complete with a California Title that is registered to the plate on the bike.

Art size is 7 feet tall, 4 feet wide, 10 feet long. It does have an attachable wheel assembly for moving.



Unknown, refreshed just before use as art


Excellent, Black Lacquer

Sheet Metal





This machine needs to see a mechanic prior to use as a rider. The artwork mechanic is available to get it road worthy if needed

Wheels & Tires

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Comes with side walk, parking meter, painting, and the wheels necessary to move the entire vignette into a museum, store or ??

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