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The 1968 Rokon Trail-Breaker is the “world’s first two-wheel vehicle with two-wheel drive.” It can handle the roughest terrain, no matter what the surface is.   It can climb and descend the steepest slopes, even up to 60 degrees. Since it can float it can be swam with across streams & rivers if no bridges exist. It gets through what would seem like impassable areas. This vehicle will go over logs, rocks, boulders, over ice & snow, through mud, sand & silt!

This 180-pound off-road vehicle has flotation chambers in both wheels, allowing the rider to ford streams up to two feet deep. When the fording gets deeper, you can flip the Trail-Breaker on its side and float it across like a raft!

The frame is all welded tubular double loop, fully triangulated. Its independent chain drive to both wheels takes you places no other vehicle can. It will carry over 400 lbs. plus rider and will run all day on a tank of gas. An outdoorsman’s dream!

It can travel 600 miles without refueling since the wheels are hollow & hold 4 ½ gallons of gas each or drinking water for long expeditions. This particular Trail-Breaker was used on the Alaskan Pipeline and by the US Forestry Dept.

It has a 3-speed manual transmission and centrifugal clutch. Disc brake stops both wheels since all are connected. Ingenious front wheel drive design compensates for front wheel to turn faster in making turns.

This 1968 Rokon Trail-Breaker was purchased in 1968 at a Rokon dealership in lower Michigan then taken up to the original owner’s private property. This owner was a maintenance worker for a day camp near Rapid River Michigan which is in the Upper Peninisula of Michigan. It was ridden on a dirt road early each work day to open the gate at the camp, parked during the work day, and ridden home again after locking the gate at the camp at day’s end.  Ultimately this is the extent of it’s use by a responsible adult and not ridden hard.

Advertisements for this unique vehicle was in the back pages of every Popular Mechanics magazine and other related publications in the 1960’s. A rare model like this was on PAWN STARS TV SHOW (Pawn Stars: Season 3, Episode 1 “Trail Breaker”) & restored by RICK DALE of AMERICAN RESTORATION TV SHOW.

Videos Featuring the Rokon Trail-Breaker

•  Video showng the Rokon in action when these bikes were new: https://youtu.be/lDWThEcqIoo

•  Mutual Of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom series of the late 1960’s/early 1970’s showing more Trail-Breaker footage and commentary about it: https://youtu.be/7m71oXdxcZI

•  Rokon Trail-Breaker video for a few laughs: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=odndoO-HsKs

•  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zotVS4w1uQI

•  https://youtu.be/55VWrsYgqXU

•  https://youtu.be/TBYIvnAjhqs

•  https://youtu.be/SZ54nsI5Qvg


This machine has limited mileage on a dirt road at a day camp with almost no extended off road use by the original owner.


Original paint. All stickers original.

Sheet Metal

It is what it is with minimal dings if any.




Engine is a Chrysler, single cylinder, two cycle, Model 820. Carburetor is an all position diaphragm type. 3-speed manual shift transmission.This has not run in 10 years. It was running when parked and has minimal time or miles on the drive-train. A quick service would place this monster into reliable service for any outing including dragging meat out of the wild :)

Wheels & Tires

Original Goodyear Suregrip tires. Tires and tubes, flotation tank wheels. 6.70 x 15.2 ply, 3 ½ psi.


Clean CA Title

Valuation Resource Guide

Not Rated


No accessories other than web information sheets.

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