1968 Norton P11A Motorcycle

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Norton-Villiers developed the P11 from the Norton Atlas as an export model for the growing sport of desert racing. Prototyped by Californian Norton Distributor Bob Blair using the Atlas 750 cc twin cylinder engine in a Matchless G85 CS (Competition Spring Frame) which was made with Reynolds 531 lightweight steel. Blair might have been responding to requests from the importer, Joseph Berliner of Berliner Motor Corporation. The aim was to achieve the best possible power-to-weight ratio, so all the cycle parts were made as light as possible, with a small alloy fuel tank and aluminum fenders.

The bike did win the Heavyweight Class Champion in the incredibly hot cauldron of American Motorcycle Association District 37 off-road championship in 1968 ridden by Mike Patrick.

The production models spanned a period from March of 1967 through November 1968 in 3 distinct variants. About 2,500 units were produced all together with the vast majority going to North America and some to Australia and Sweden. The low production numbers ensure the rarity of this motorcycle.

I first rode my neighbor’s P11A when I was 14 years old in 1968. Needless to say, it made quite an impression on me. The image of the bike was seared into my 14 years old brain.

I have owned the bike since 2013. It was rebuilt by the previous owner, a retired Jaguar mechanic from England, approximately 25 years ago. He was given the bike as a basket case and lovingly rebuilt it. Until the time that I purchased it had never been started.
Since the rebuild it has 275 miles. My goal for the bike was to improve its reliability and safety as I planned to ride it more than I did.

To that end I have added:

• Honda turn signals from Colorado Norton Works (CNW)
• Master Switch (CNW)
• A front brake light switch from a Ranger as the P11A did not have a front brake light switch, only the rear
• 3 Phase Alternator System (CNW)
• Trispark ignition (CNW)
• Single coils (CNW)
• New Ignition Leads (CNW)
• Regulator (CNW)
• LED rear brake light (CNW)
• Halogen head lamp
• SS Allen Bolts on Engine Covers
• SS oil lines
• New, Model Correct Exhaust System
• New Tires Avon Road Riders
• Shorai Lithuim Battery (2020) and battery tender (2016)
• Lengthened Kickstarter Lever by 4 Inches


Total original mileage is unknown, but it has been ridden only 275 miles since the rebuild.


Flawless factory candy apple red with silver pin stripping.

Sheet Metal

Sheet metal is all factory original. No known dings or dents.


The exhaust is perfect. Pitting on the rims visible upon close inspection.

Aluminum Fenders: Excellent condition, except for a scratch on front, 1-inch long. Buffing might remove most of it.


The motorcycle is perfect mechanically, as far as I am aware.

Wheels & Tires

Rims: Dunlop originals with new Avon Road Riders. Some pitting as noted above.


Licensed to ride in Ontario, Canada
Engine Serial Number: P11/126072
Frame Serial Number: 126072
Transmission Number: P1121245 Only the last Rangers had the numbers on frame, transmission and engine.

Valuation Guides

NADA: “https://www.nadaguides.com/Motorcycles/1968/Norton/P11A-745cc/Values”
Excellent: $15,430
Very Good: $7,125
Good: $4,405

Hagerty Value Guide: “https://www.hagerty.com/apps/valuationtools/1968-Norton-P11”
• #1 Concours $14,600
• #2 Excellent $11,700
• #3 Good $9,800

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