1967 Ducati Sebring 350 – Colver Col — SOLD

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This is an original, iconic Ducati Sebring 350 motorcycle. There are very few in the States and this has been here for all of its life. A member of the Colver collection, this Ducati motorcycle is titled, registered and is a runner. Believed to be original paint, the motorcycle shows patina of use and is in need of a good cleaning and polish. It has been stored in a climate controlled shop and has no rust.

Factory badge indicates 1966 manufactured first sold in 1967 in California and licensed as a 1968.

This is one of the early Ducati Sebring’s brought into the US and is not listed in the value guides. Go here to read all about this classic Ducati Motorcycle.


Minimal mileage in possession of this owner (1000?).


Believed to be original paint that has road scars. Will clean nicely.

Sheet Metal

Good, original sheet metal with minimal dings no dents.


Chrome has surface rust and is dirt. Will take a reasonable shine.


This is a good running motorcycle that has completed many AMCA road runs in SoCal without problems. The bike needs a good service prior to being placed back on the road.

Wheels & Tires

Tires are 300x18. Rims are chrome with painted spokes.


Clean, clear. Vehicle registration: California, currently placed on Planed Non Operation status.
Engine # 1013
Frame # 1013

Valuation Resource Guide

Would rate as a 2- because of paint and cleanliness. Suggested Valued at $2,205. NADA listing starts at 1968 for this Ducati Sebring 350 model.



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