1964 BSA B40T Enduro Star Basket Case 350 cc

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This is  a 1964 BSA B40T Enduro Star basket case motorcycle. It was found on a work bench being prepared for assembly. All items were placed in storage boxes and removed from the shop. Nearby items that appeared to be a part of this build were included in the boxes.

All items seen in the pictures that are British are included. Manuals pictured included. there are other items that were boxed that are not in the pictures that are included. Total of 3 boxes.

Registration information lists indicate this may be a:

B40 Enduro Star   USA    1964             B40T 143        C15C 1601 350

Please check all of the pictures close. There are no other items available and we do not know for sure if this all came from one motorcycle, make, year, or model.


N/A 1964 BSA B40T Enduro Star


Original paint if any

Sheet Metal

Original sheet-metal. All sheet metal may not have come from the same motorcycle




Parts were gathered to build a motorcycle. No idea how complete this is.

Research indicates a 350 cc engine

Wheels & Tires

Front-wheel and tire are present

Rear-wheel and tire are there.

Unknown if all parts came from the same motorcycle, make or model


Sold on a Bill Of Sale

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Check the pictures. All British items are included. There a a few items that are not pictured that will go with the sale.

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