1959 Harley Davidson FLH Custom 98-Inch 4-Speed Electric Start — SOLD

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This is a custom 1959 Harley Davidson Panhead. It was purchased by Kenneth Elford aka “Smokey” in the late 60’s and was his faithful ride. Smokey was an excellent mechanic of all motor vehicles but was in love with motorcycles. He was the favorite wrench of many a club member and hard motorcycle rider. Smokey was chief mechanic for Bob Nichols’ Flat Track Scout and Smokey’s # 35 1935 Indian Scout was a record-holder as late as October of 2018. Smokey ran a motorcycle shop out of his one car garage in Long Beach California, where he had just enough room to walk around the circle with a bike in the center and lathe, boring machine, Bridgeport Mill, and parts storage lined the walls. This bike lived in the front room patio. It was last ridden in 2016 to be on display at the Cycle World International Motorcycle in Long Beach CA. Smokey rode it in and rode it out! That was his last ride, his cane across the handlebars!

5246 showing on a working Police Special Speedometer. Unknown when the last zero out occurred.

Older paint job of the tank and fenders in excellent shape. Not surprising he used an Indian color. The paint carries a great shine and has minimal scratches or road scars. It has not been polished for years.

Sheet Metal
Sheet metal is excellent fit, original Harley.

Chrome on the bike is in average shape and in need of some TLC.

This bike is Smokey-built, 94-inch with HH cases. It has S&S sidewind devil big bore cylinders and is also sporting dual spark plug heads, a 4-speed transmission, and a special electric start. This is a 12-volt system with an alternator and a new battery. This bike was never a trailer queen but rather always strong on the road including round trips to Sturgis.

Wheels & Tires
Rims: Rims are chrome steel with Stainless nipples
Front Tire: Is a new Continental 130 X 90 X 16
Rear Tire: Is a new Continental 130 X 90 X 16

Clear California Title, currently on a NON-OP
Engine #5936
Frame #DRF 1561
Belly #

NADA:  This year FLH in excellent condition is suggested at $28,150. This bike does not fit the rating scale.

As pictured on the motorcycle and the items found in the saddlebags which include a full tool kit for the road, spare plugs, battery tender, custom jumper cables tubes and a Swiss army knife.

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