1957 Ariel HS

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1957 Ariel HS Motorcycle

This 1957 Ariel motorcycle is a rare machine. The frame and engine numbers are correct. This Ariel HS motorcycle was restored in a Triumph shop in Chico California in the early 90′s and then put in storage except for an occasional ride on AMCA runs.The headlamp nacelle is missing and the cylinder barrel has a wide gasket(spacer)meaning the compression has been lowered(  All other items on the motorcycle appear to be original. The HS is a very good 500cc machine. HS was available 1955 to 1957. This machine has been mechanically restored and is a great runner, very strong and high speed.


300 (?) on the Rebuild


Clean and neat and correct colors

Sheet Metal

Nicely fit with minimal dings or dents if any.


Good quality chrome. Will shine right up.


This is a factory rave motor in a proper set up. Runs great and hasa a hot mag. Generator aqdded to assist with street legal lights

Wheels & Tires

New tires on correct chrome rims with stainless spokes.


Current and clean Oregon Title

Valuation Resource Guide

This motorcycle would be valued out to a 1



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