1953 Ariel Square Four MK 2

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1953 Ariel Square Four
MK 2

This 1953 Ariel Square Four MK 2 Vintage Motorcycle was restored back in 2005. Just when finished, the daughter went to college and the bike was sold and put in storage in a climate-controlled warehouse in Los Angeles. 1953 was the first year of the MK 2 model so this would be one of the earliest. This was a mid-year change for Ariel.

This is an excellent cosmetic and mechanical restoration. The restorer was a great mechanic and had excellent suppliers in the Los Angeles area. Paint, plating, and striping are of great quality. The engine was attended to during the restoration, but we have no information on the work done. It is believed that the entire engine was disassembled and reviewed.

No dings or dents or scratches noted, and the chrome will shine right up. Pictures were taken without dusting the bike.This great machine is in need of TLC to break it in for the road.

MILEAGE: 674 miles showing in a working speedometer. Original Miles.

PAINT: Paint was properly prepared and quality materials used. No scratches or blemishes noted. Appears to be correct paint scheme for 1953. It needs a good polishing.

SHEET METAL: All straight and true to factory specs. No dings noted. Well fit.

CHROME: Chrome was replated during restoration, and it is in great shape. Just needs some polishing.

MECHANICAL: This bike was mechanically restored in 2005 or so. It was completed by a knowledgeable Ariel 4 builder with help from a local Guru from Canoga Park.

Rims: Steel with chrome. Nipples and spokes are stainless.
Front tire: 3.25 X 19.54 with a new Metzler Tire and tube
Rear tire: 4.00 X 18.68 with a new Metzler tire and tube.

TITLE: California Title in buyers name is available
Engine # ML 2091S
Frame # ET 11559

NADA:  NADA Value Guide 1953 Ariel SQ 4
Excellent:    $37,660
Very Good: $23,300
Good:          $11,935

Hagerty Value Guide: Hagerty Valuation Guide 1953 Ariel SQ 4
Concours:  $27,300
Excellent : $22,200
Good          $17,400

ACCESSORIES: Accessories as shown on the bike.

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