1951 Indian Chief Engine Power-Plant — Clean Numbers – Fresh Rebuild, 80-inch SOLD!

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Buy it Now Price: $15,000 SOLD!! Price Range: $12,500 to $13,750 Inquire About this Motorcycle


This is a 1951 Indian Chief engine that was stored in a private collection for many years. As found the engine looked great and fresh. New heads that showed no signs of being started. We had the engine torn down by a knowledgeable Indian mechanic and he found some discrepancies in the build.

Clean Numbers — Fresh Rebuild, 80-inch

The engine was given to Micah McCloskey, of Indian fame in Canoga Park CA, to build correctly. At one point in his career Micah was a contract engine builder for Sammy Pierce. He is experienced and knowledgeable! Micah surveyed the box of parts and went to work. He checked the cases with California CHP and was told they are clear.

Cases were bead blasted, flywheels balanced, new pistons, valves, rings and cylinders acquired from Kiwi Indian. All other new parts needed were also purchased new from Kiwi Indian.

Carb has been built with new parts and a new distributor has been sourced and built.

New gears were sourced, and the transmission was set to factory specs.

This engine has new fiber clutch plates, primary chain, oil pump, camshafts, cam followers, tappets, valve guides and springs, transmission main shaft and counter shaft, cluster and slider gears.

Receipts available.

This power-plant is ready for install and break-in mileage. Parts and labor setup are guaranteed. Appropriate break-in mileage is needed.

Micah McCloskey will answer any questions about the build.

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