1948 Vincent Series B Rapide Motorcycle

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My 1948 Vincent Series B Rapide was supposed to be a series C. It started out in the 1990’s with the purchase of what was told to me to be an original paint gas tank from a guy in Detroit. When I contacted him, he also had the hydraulic fork (rebuilt), Upper Frame Mount and Rear Frame Mount, as well as a pair of wheels. I bought what he had.

I then looked for a motor. I contacted Terry Prince (with whom I had prior business) who located a motor for me with the condition he would get the rebuild job. Knowing Terry’s reputation, I thought that to be great! I was going to get a motor and transmission built by the best Vincent guy in the world! I asked him to build it for reliability and the most power so I could ride it reliably on pump gas.

So, Terry rebuilt the entire motor to run reliably and put his TPV top end on it for power. To enhance its reliability. Terry installed an Alton Magneto and generator. He then painted the engine red. I liked red bikes at the time.

In the last 4 years I have disassembled the hubs, powder coated them, sent them to England and had them re-assembled with new coach-striped rims and spokes.

I have disassembled and stripped the forks, had them powder coated and re-assembled. All the parts except the gas tank and motor have been powder coated black or freshly plated, apart from the right footrest hanger.

The bike is now assembled and complete. All new fasteners were used supplied by the VOC. Seat was built off the original with a leather covering. Everything on the bike is fresh except the tank. I could not see repainting an original paint tank. New fenders, new stays. Original headlight bucket and ring & lens. Original rear stand. All new rubber goods. All new fasteners. Rebuilt speedo.

This is a completely rebuilt bike of the highest quality.  Since I can no longer ride, why keep it?


Mileage: Zero miles on the rebuild

Paint: Fresh quality repaint and powder coating.

Sheet Metal: Great condition, original and well fit.

Chrome: Good condition

Mechanical: Engine and tranny rebuilt by Terry Prince, the well-known Vincent builder. It was built for reliability and strength and including his special TPV top end.

Wheels and Tires:
Front Tire:
Rear Tire:

Title: Sold on a bill of sale, title pending
Engine #
Frame #

Valuation Guides
1) Hagerty:  “https://www.nadaguides.com/Motorcycles/1948/Vincent/RAPIDE-SERIES-B-998cc/Values”

• #1 Concours $85,000
• #2 Excellent $56,000
• #3 Good        $45,000

2) NADA:  “https://www.nadaguides.com/Motorcycles/1948/Vincent/RAPIDE-SERIES-B-998cc/Values”

Excellent    $61,420
Very Good  $32,120
Good           $17,100

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