1947 Harley-Davidson FL Knucklehead Bobber – SOLD!!

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Buy it Now Price: $47,500.00 Price Range: $60,500 to $65,750 Inquire About this Motorcycle


1947 Harley Davidson FL Knucklehead Bobber
with Original Parts


This 1947 Harley Davidson Knucklehead is a “Bob Job” purchased in 1998 in need of a full restoration. This is a 1947 original-parts bike including the frame with all hallmarks casting numbers. It is unknown when the bike was originally bobbed. Current owner was looking for a bobber and he restored what he found. The bobber was so original that he also searched out original sheet metal to take the bike back to original if wanted. End result is a great running 47 Knuck Bobber with all parts necessary to take it back to an original motorcycle. Original 1947-only parts include the gas tanks, ignition switch key, leather key holder you get from the dealer # B267; Speedometer, 6-volt generator 32E, and original horn. Raisers and handlebar are original #8 Earl Flanders 1940s.

Gas lines and oil lines cad-plated. Taillight BT&E. Rubber for brake pedal and heel & toe clutch is original. No rubber mats for foot board 1947 still restrictions after war. There are many nice period accessories on the cycle. Been on many AMCA road runs and is recognized as a great motorcycle!

Seller has 3 trophies that go with the motorcycle. First from Dixon AMCA meet 2004.
second from David Mann Chopper fest 2010. Third from Born Free 2011.

MILEAGE: 21,258.8 showing on working odometer.

PAINT: Paint was redone during the restoration and is well prepped and well applied. Minimal scratches or blemishes. Crinkles noted around gas fillers.

SHEET METAL: The motorcycle comes with original parts including repaired front fender, rear fender are complete with end tail and two end braces. Guide “tombstone ” taillight, Front and rear crash bars, Handlebar set, One 16 in complete restored wheel. Front fender light, two Eton gas caps 1941-1954, tall knurl. Sheet metal currently on bike is in excellent condition. Gas tanks are secure and well prepared.

CHROME: Minimal chrome on this model motorcycle. What is there is in great shape.

MECHANICAL: This motorcycle is mechanically sound. The motor was rebuilt by Ralph at Mesa Cycle during the restoration, and it is assembled correctly. Transmission rebuilt by Dan Eckhardt during the restoration, and it is a great smooth shift. This motorcycle has been serviced correctly and is ridden with respect, finely tuned.

Wheels rebuilt by Wheel Works. Rims powder coated with stainless spokes and nipples.
Front tire is 400 X 18 Firestone; serviceable.
Rear tire is 500 X 16 Firestone and serviceable.

TITLE: (California Title and current registration)
Engine # 47 FL 6064
Frame # N/A


NADA: 1947 Harley-Davidson FL 74 ci NADA Motorcycle Value
Excellent:    $60,475
Very Good: $35,850
Good:          $20,560

Hagerty Value Guide: 1947 Harley Davidson FL – Hagerty Value Guide
Concours:  $83,600
Excellent : $65,800
Good          $45,100

All items pictured on the bike. Also includes a new tire mounted in a hub with stainless spokes and nipples, rear fender, front fender, beehive taillight original and other items pictured.

This great bike can be taken back to stock, fairly easy.


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