1947 Harley Davidson EL Knucklehead — ORIGINAL — SOLD!

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This 1947 Harley Davidson EL was brought into Vernon’s Cycles in Gretha LA in the early sixties. The owner could not afford the repair, so he left the bike for payment of time spent. The bike stayed in the back of the shop until 1995 when Vernon passed. His son and daughter sold all the contents of the shop to Roger who owned a Harley dealership in the same town. Roger stored the bike in an attic until 2017 when he sold it to a guy from Ohio who sold it to the current owner.

Seller got the bike back on the road, but it required a lot of work and complete mechanical service. All wearable parts were replaced with new old stock parts. No after-market parts were used, and we documented the process. Documentation includes receipts and a letter from Roger’s son. Paint appears to be original with some possible touch up areas from 60 years ago.

We have painstakingly taken the time to preserve this original bike and patina. Documentation is available on the engine build and the overall work completed. This is what a 73-year-old bike looks like. It is also a great runner!

Seller says that there is one reproduction part in the bike, otherwise everything else is original.

A few days ago Seller told us this….

“I think I told you how my builder commented on the wheels and how they were the most pristine on messed with wheels he’s ever dealt with out of all the bike builds he’s done over the last 15 years brakes are all new every moving part on that bike was changed with new old stock the entire wiring harness was replaced just so it would be dependable all the cables were replaced with new old stock cables the speedometer we have paperwork for was totally rebuilt and Calibrated.

Gas tanks are immaculate inside.”


Minimal mileage on the engine re-build


The paint is how we found it. Appears to be original with a few areas of touch up. Great Patina!

Sheet Metal

Sheet metal is in excellent condition and well fit. It appears to be factory born and has minimal dents, great patina.


Chrome is as found, lots of surface rust.


This motorcycle is in Excellent mechanical condition. It has good compression and has recently been rebuilt. Pictures and parts invoices available. First kick machine if you know the drill. Transmission shifts through the gears and the bike rolls smoothly. The owner is a restorer of motorcycles.

Wheels & Tires

Rims are painted steel with painted steel spokes and nipples.
Front Tire is
Rear Tire is


Clean Louisiana Title
Engine #47 EL 59**
Frame #N/A
Belly #match


NADA Value Guide
1. Excellent$41,830
2. Very Good$23,905
3. Good$14,805

Hagerty Value Guide:
• Concours$87,000
• Excellent$61,000
• Very good$42,800

Mecum Auctions: Multiple sales.


Full pictures of the find and the restoration of the power plant. Includes invoices and letters from previous owners.

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