1946 Indian Chief — SOLD!

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Buy it Now Price: $20,000 or BEST OFFER SOLD!! Price Range: $17,500 to $20,000 Inquire About this Motorcycle


IMPORTANT!! Photos of this 1946 Indian Chief have been stolen by a guy posing as Phillip Graber with a phone of 330-648-3037. The bike has been posted on Craigslist and has been posted on Facebook Groups by this SCAMMER. The bike is Real, and ONLY FOR SALE at Classic Motorcycle Consignments. If interested in this bike, Call for info at 949-254-6551 ONLY. PLEASE pass the word around on this scammer. Always watch out for sellers with new log-in accounts.  BE AWARE! 

Tim Graber – Classic Motorcycle Consignments


This 1946 Indian Chief motorcycle was purchased in San Diego in 1998. It had been recently restored and power plant had been rebuilt. It is the correct Indian red. This Indian chief has a 1946 Indian frame 346 2196 (VIN) and a rebuilt 1940 Indian Motor. CDO 116

This Indian Chief has completed numerous AMCA Road runs including the Borrego Springs Winter Road run and a few in the Pacific North West.

This motorcycle has completed several AMCA road runs and is reliable. It was last serviced early June to get it ready for sale. An excellent 100-mile break-in ride was completed in the Lake Tahoe area to ensure that it is roadworthy June of 2018.


Unknown how many miles on rebuild assembly. Believed to be less than 2,000 miles.


Paint: This is an older restoration repaint. Minimal scratches and good sheen but there are strong areas where the paint has flaked off; spots noted on front fender,under the left side tank, and around the filler neck.

Sheet Paint

Sheet metal is in excellent condition and well fit. Appears to be all original sheet metal except for the front fender. Close examination reveals that the front fender is a fiberglass fender, possibly from the batch made up by Bob Stark in the 70’s. PRICE DISCOUNTED BECAUSE OF THE FRONT FENDER. The gas tanks have been previously lined with cream and currently show no signs of leaking.


Chrome is in great shape and takes a good polishing.


This motorcycle is in good mechanical condition. It has less than 2,000 miles in the power plant since the rebuild.
Nothing is known of the builder. The engine starts easy, sounds good, and runs very smooth through the gears. Bad gas left in the carb means that it needs to be cleaned

Wheels & Tires

Rims are Chromed Steel with Stainless Steel Spokes and Nipples.
Front Tire is 16-inch
Rear Tire is 16-inch


TITLE: Washington Title
Engine # CDO 116
Frame # 346 2196 (non matching)

Valuation Resource Guide

This bike would rate as Very Good to Excellent
• Excellent $38,820
• Very Good $21,105

This bike would rate as Very Good to Excellent.
• #2 Excellent $28,000
• #3 Good $21,000



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