1946 Indian Bobber Steve McQueen Prototype

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1946 Indian Chief, Bobber — Unrestored Matching Numbers

This 1946 Indian Motorcycle Bobber is the motorcycle Steve McQueen used to create his favorite ride. Steve McQueen rode his copy of this 1946 Indian Bobber when he wanted to get away from the Hollywood crowd. The owner of this motorcycle was on retainer for McQueen to manage the motorcycle inventory during the 1970′s. McQueen loved the 1946 Indian Bobber ridden by then mechanic but it was not for sale. Answer, make me an exact copy! So, it was done. Time for the real story to be authenticated and the real bike to come to life. Still in possession of the original builder, this bike is ready for a new owner. Comes complete with California Title and magazine verification from the 70′s of the build and a copy of the desk table top book “Legendary Motorcycless”  by Basem Wasef with a story on Steve McQueens favorite ride.

This is a matching numbers original motorcycle. It has way too many novel , mind altering items. Take a good look at the original “Bobber” of the SoCal scene from the 1970′s. Built by a real Indian mechanic from the day as his personal kick ass machine!


Unknown 30,000 plus including many trips through the West and into Baja.


Period incorrect paint with worthy rode patina.White tanks with correct decals on top of a white frame.

Sheet Metal

Correct 46 frame, with correct 46 Tanks. No front fender with a cut rear fender, the essence of a "Bobber" Minimal dings in the tanks and they are road worthy.


Not really. If it is chrome it is pitted


This bike was built for speed. It is tight and complete. Fires right up and shifts nicely through the gears. Does fire on all four plugs!

Wheels & Tires

Wheels are cad plated spokes on a painted rim. Tires are 600 X 19 Ching Sings that probably need replacement based on age if you want to ride.


This motorcycle has a California title and registration.

Valuation Resource Guide

Bobbers are not listed in NADA. An original 1946 Indian Chief lists as 1 = $32,000 2 = $28,000


Take a real good look at the pictures: Magneto, 2 extra plugs, sissy bar, chain lock, Daggar with sheaf, safety chain on the battery frog, custom upswept exhaust pipes with chromed tips,mis-matching Harley Davidson colored grips,and more if you can ID it!

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