1946 Harley Davidson FL

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This is a 1946 Harley Davidson FL motorcycle. It was purchased from my brother’s in law estate sale in 2008. The bike was stored/garaged and not run for several years prior to purchase. Changed tires, re-built the carb. With float replacement (discovered that it is jetted for intermediate) so shut the intermediate adjustment down and locked. Typical maintenance, i.e., plugs/wires, battery, and replaced the cork washers in the push rods (x12). This bike is in a dry climate, garaged. This bike, with the low mileage and condition, is not a daily rider… but it is very dependable for quick rides during excellent conditions to gather a smile! We do not know the history pf the bike prior to 2008 and we do not know when it was restored to this condition.

The original tanks and badges have been found and added to this sale!!!

Currently 693.4 showing on a working odometer. (Bought from estate sale 13 yrs. ago with 97 miles on it)

The paint is as-found in 1998 with no information on when it was repainted. Paint is in good shape and takes a good sheen. There are a few scratches and dings. Check the pictures.

Sheet Metal
Appears to be all original HD and correct for the year. No dents or dings noted. Gas tanks are intact and without blemishes. Original tanks and badges have been found and added to the sell. Check the pictures!

Chrome is in reasonable good condition with a few scratches and some chipping on the downtube.

Runs through the gears fine, second is just a bit touchy to find – the video is a complete cold start after a week or so sitting. The petcock is really stiff to open and close the last part.

Wheels & Tires
Rims: 16” chromed steel with chrome spokes and nipples.
Front Tire: 5.00 x 16 S Coker Classic with good tread and serviceable.
Rear Tire: 5.00 x 16 S Coker Classic with good tread and serviceable.

Clean Missouri Title with current registration.
Engine # 46 FL XXXX
Belly # Match

Value Guides:
NADA: “https://www.nadaguides.com/Motorcycles/1946/Harley-Davidson/FL-74ci/Values”
Excellent $48,100
Very Good $28,655
Good $16,375

Hagerty Value Guides: “https://www.hagerty.com/apps/valuationtools/1946-Harley~Davidson-FL”
#1 Concours $87,000
#2 Excellent $61,000
#3 Good $42,800
#4 Fair $30,400

Buddy Spring added, Skid plate Chrome (currently off bike for belly number photos will ship with bike). As pictured.

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