1946 Harley Davidson EL Knucklehead Bobber — SOLD!

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Buy it Now Price: $52,000 SOLD!! Price Range: $45,000 to $47,750 Inquire About this Motorcycle


This is a 1946 Harley Davidson EL Knucklehead Bobber. The Harley Davidson EL Knucklehead was purchased new by the original owner in California. He rode the hell out of it, including to Hollister in 1947. The second owner bought the bike in the early 60’s when his buddy transferred to the big house for life.

This exquisite motorcycle was restored and bobbed as new in the middle 70’s. Built from the original and NOS parts and some 1976 period parts, this machine was barely run, tail pipes are sparkly clean, points are brand new. The bike was put into storage and forgotten about. Recently discovered (Jan 2016) the EL Bobber was covered in dust and did not reveal itself and its immaculate beauty until the new owner got it home and cleaned it. WOW!… talk about a barn find!This machine is ready for a new owner’s desire; polish and admire or fuel, oil, tune, and ride with the wind! Your choice. Sold on a clear California title.

●  1947 Tank Badge
●  Correct bull-neck frame which is 1946 only
●  Inline front end
●  Tranny date code of 1945
●  Thin fender brace which is early 46′
●  Eaton stamped gas caps
●  Original Flanders bar and risers
●  New (1976) Superior up-sweep pipes
●  Tail Badge Kaminski Engineering
●  Battery top, superior
●  New chair rail on fender
● NOS ignition parts, all new from 76 including 752 Regulator & Bar & shield on points, Brass tag 32 E generator
●  Monroe shock damper 46 original

ChopperFest – 12-9-18
This 1946 Harley EL Bobber was entered into the bike show at Chopperfest. There were upwards of 150 outstanding bobbers and choppers in many different classifications.  CMC’s 1946 KNUCKLEHEAD BOBBER was selected by the judges as the BEST BOBBER in the group!


Unknown. Appears to be fresh build with minimal mileage if any. 73 miles show on the trip odometer as found and not reset.


Paint is immaculate and well applied. May have a few storage scratches (just covering my a** here, I cannot find any) The original color was a grey which shows through under a few chips and around the filler caps.

Sheet Metal

Excellent sheet metal with period correct bob job to the fenders. The front fender may be a model A bobbed fender


Excellent quality chrome that shined right up. Lots of it to make that early Bling look.


This engine appears to be a new rebuild that has rarely been started. Quality parts and workmanship are apparent during a visual inspection. The engine has been correctly prepped before starting and it is now a first ignition kick start! Time for this to be correctly and carefully broke in to enjoy a very long life. Safe break in procedures are recommended.

Wheels & Tires

Rims are chrome with chrome spokes. Tires are from the 70’s and may need to be replaced to make this a quality rider. (Would not bother me). 500 X 16 Goodyear’s on Chrome rims with chrome spokes.


Clean, clear, California Title.
Engine # 46EL41**
Frame # None N/A
Belly# 46-3473 Match

Valuation Resource Guide

This motorcycle would rate as a 1 on the NADA scale IF bobbers were rated.


Original California Title dated 4/24/76 and showing date first issued of 00/00/46 which indicates that the bike was sold new in California.

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