1942 Indian Motorcycles — Civilian Collection

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Only TWO from this Collection Are Remaining

This was originally a collection of the four Indian Civilian models produced by Indian Motorcycle in 1942. As 1942 was a war year, a very limited number of civilian-model motorcycles were produced, with civilian automobile and motorcycle production ending officially on February 9, 1942.  All told, approximately 1,000 (total) 1942 Indian Civilian Models were produced over the four model lines.

All four of the motorcycles originally in the collection, Indian Four, Indian Chief, Indian Sport Scout, and Indian Jr Scout, are fully restored using factory-built examples with reproduction parts kept to a minimum. These truly are the last of the Pre-War Indians and the last genuine civilian models produced under Dupont ownership. These are not to be confused with “Essential Use” models which were devoid of chrome and painted in limited colors, or converted military models such as the 741. In fact, three of the models available here, the Four, Sport Scout and Jr. Scout were discontinued following this production run and are, therefore, the “Last of the Breed”. The earlier production models of this collection (Jr Scout and Indian 4) retained the “teardrop” tank badges while the later production models of this collection (Sport Scout and Chief) came with the “lollipop” style tank badges which were last used on 1946 Indian Chiefs.

This original collection of Four 1942 Indian Civilian models may have been the only such complete collection in the world.


While it would be a shame to break up this great collection, the owner is willing to do so due to the many requests. See Pricing Details Below.

The Four Cylinder with side car is now sold. The remaining bikes will be sold as a collection or individually asap.

1942 Indians as a Collection:
Buy Now: $105,000
Price Range:

 Sold Individually Buy Now Price Range
From    To
 Indian 4 and Sidecar  SOLD SOLD SOLD
 Indian Chief  $ 47,250 $42,500 $44,750
 Indian Sport Scout  SOLD  SOLD  SOLD
 Indian Jr Scout  $ 28,250 $ 24,200 $ 26,500



All of these models have limited mileage since restoration.


All of these Indian motorcycles are painted incorrect Indian colors available in 1942. The paint was properly prepared and properly applied by professional painters. The Jr. Scout and Sport Scout were prepped and painted by reknown painter Jimmy Rader.

Sheet Metal

All sheet metal is either original or provided by Iron Horse Corral where needed, is well prepared and well fit.


Full chrome on the 1942 civilian models. The chrome is excellently prepared and in great shape.


All of these motorcycles were correctly restored by a knowledgable Indian motorcycle restorer and mechanic. They are complete, correctly built and in running condition. All have 3-speed transmissions. The engines for the Jr. Scout and Sport Scout were built by Doug Burnett and come with a limited warranty from Burnett.

Wheels & Tires

Rims: Vary by model Front Tire: Varies by model Rear Tire: Varies by model


(from various states) Engine # EDB114; FDB336; CDB280; Frame # 542114; 642336; 342280;

Valuation Resource Guide

Jr. Scout (500cc V-twin): No price estimate due to extreme rarity. Estimated value $30,000
Sport Scout (750cc V-twin): No price estimated due to limited civilian production. Estimated value $30,000
Chief (1200cc V-twin): No price estimated due to limited civilian production. Estimated value $48,950


Jr. Scout: Cast tank emblems instead of factory decals. Engine is built to 42ci (700cc) specs using Indian Motoplane cylinders (very rare) with stock output increased from 12hp to about 20hp. Retains original engine appearance. Painted Indian red, the only color offered on this model with black painted rims.

Sport Scout: Two-tone paint (Fallon Brown over Indian Red) with black painted rims.

Chief: Kashan Green with black painted rims. Rear crash bar

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