1942 Harley Davidson U Model Motorcycle

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This historic, pre-war motorcycle was originally sold into South Africa and used for the South African Police Department. When its rider retired from the force he was given the used motorcycle as a retirement gift. The current owner was on assignment in South Africa on oil wells and he came across this great motorcycle. He was able to purchase it, tune it, and ride it while in South Africa. When he returned to the states he brought the bike with him and managed the customs challenge. The machine needed correct engine work so he commissioned Smokey of Smokey’s Classic Motorcycles in Long Beach CA to build a stable runner. This mostly original 1942 Harley U is ready for a new home. The ole boy’s knees just can’t handle the action anymore!


500 miles are estimated on the engine and tranny build.


The bike is a quality repaint that shines and shows really well. The current owner lived near a US airbase in England and he fell in love with the nose cone art on B-27’s. "Yankee Lady" rides comfortably on the right tank!

Sheet Metal

Sheet metal is mostly original with some reproduction. The original rear fender comes with the sale. Minimal dings if any on the fenders and tanks.


Chrome is slightly pitted in spots and shines right up.


This motorcycle is in excellent mechanical condition with a new motor and transmission By Smokey. It is a 12 volt system with automatic advance timer. All receipts are available. Smokey is a famous HD engine builder and the work is correct. Did I mention that the engine is now 80 inches? This motorcycle is now controlled by a belt drive and a new set of brakes front and rear. The new owner needs to correctly finish the break-in of this engine. Correct 38 Linkart carb, Aluminum heads, electronic ignition. BUILT TO RIDE!

Wheels & Tires

Tires are wide whitewall Avon “Gangster” MT 90 - 16. Modern tires to correctly and safely transfer the power to the road! BUILT TO RIDE
Rims are painted with stainless spokes.


Clear, California Title with current registration. Title paperwork should allow this bike to be titled and registered anywhere in the world!
Engine # 42 U 3799
Frame # None South African police Department (SAFD) number stamped on the right timing cover
Belly # Non-match 43 case numbers (rare)

Valuation Resource Guide

This would rate as a 2+ with a suggested value of $ 24,000. This is a historical motorcycle with correct paperwork and a fresh drive train.


The original rear fender and The South African registration papers are included.

Other parts and license plates are available for sale privately.

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