1941 Indian Four

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This 1941 Indian Four is now cared for by its 2nd owner. It was purchased from the original owner in 1994. The bike was delivered to the original owner in April of 1941. “Nick” was a police officer in a small town in IL. He had ordered a 40 Chief but was notified that his order did not make the production run. Instead, the dealer offered him a bike from the next factory run which was scheduled for 4’s. All Nick had to do was provide a letter from his police chief that the bike was going to be used on the job and his order would be added to the Chicago PD order. This was Nick’s only transportation for many years. He rode it to Seattle after the war when he moved there and he rode it to San Diego when he moved there. He also used it to transport materials when he put a well his property in Escondido. This Indian Four was found on the SoCal AMCA winter Road Run at Nicks house in Salton City. There are 20 plus original photos of the Indian Four when it was in Nick’s care.


Unknown/many. Speedo works but is not reliable for the miles indicated.


Looks as if it is original but it is not. This Indian Four was sent out for paint in early 1960 and was almost lost to an unscrupulous painter. The paint shows well and is often mistaken as original.

Sheet Metal

Excellent with a few dings.




Runs great and is very reliable. This Indian Four fires on the first ignition kick every time. Mag is super hot! Oil pressure is 38 psi at speed and warm, 12 psi at idle warm. The machine uses 1 qt of oil every 100 miles. Runs straight and smooth. It has completed numerous AMCA road runs and daily rides with the new owner without any difficulty or problem. Tires are new and freeway safe.

Wheels & Tires



Correct CA title, paperwork, and license.

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This Indian Four is a true 1 ++.


Special orange marmalade grips - Sewer Exhaust pipe 4” - Heavy rear rack - Pictures from 1941 through today including Nick and his new bride 3 weeks after delivery. - Pictures of Nick and his second wife turning the bike over to its current owner. Pictures of Nicks last ride. - Service manual, parts manual and some miscellaneous paper work. - New chummie seat by Heather’s Leathers

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