1941 Indian Dispatch Tow

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Purchased as a basket case in 2005, this 1941 Indian Dispatch Tow underwent a painstaking 4 year restoration. This bike is as rare as they come, and very few DT’s ever appear on the market. The engine and transmission were completely restored by Jim Mosher of Performance Indian. The correct M641 carburetor was rebuilt by Cotten at Liberty Motorcycle Specialties. The generator was completely rebuilt by Indian Frank and the old mechanical voltage regulator housing was gutted and replaced with a modern electronic voltage regulator. The frame was jig straightened by John Bivens at Indian Engineering. The correct speedometer was completely rebuilt by Janus Napierala of Canada. The rear tow chassis received new bearings and seals throughout. The rear differential is in mint condition. In fact, every aspect of this rare bike is mint.

There are a few unique items on this 1941 Indian Dispatch Tow that bear mentioning. First, the proper complete tow bar assembly is attached to the front of the forks. These are rarely found on the remaining DT’s. Second, the speedometer has the max speed needle with reset button, an option virtually never found on the early 40′s speedometers.

Third, the bike is fitted with a perfectly functioning reverse gear box. These gear boxes are almost nonexistent, and if one is found it almost always has a broken case that has been repaired. The box on this bike is in mint condition, and cleanly shifts through its three forward and one reverse gear. Finally, and perhaps most important, the tow box is New Old Stock, having been removed from its factory crate it was placed in 1941 to be installed on this bike during the restoration. I can guarantee you this is without a doubt the most pristine tow box you will ever find. All the wood is absolutely mint, with no rot or cracking whatsoever. The metal is mint and completely rust free. I did replace the badly age cracked seat cover on the box with fresh leather. The original will go with the bike to the new owner if he desires. The padding under the cover was mint and was reused as is. I even reused the original tacks that held the cover to its wooden frame. The black piping on the fender edges where they meet the body are also original and look as good as new.





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The NADA Value Guide would rate this bike as “Excellent” and the 2010 edition suggests a value of …not listed The bike has a clear title.

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