1940 Sport Scout 640-B Motorcycle (Hatfield)

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This 1940 Indian Sport Scout has been owned by Jerry Hatfield for the last few years. It has been his favorite ride since purchase for many different reasons. It is a solid 45-inch machine, it is an easy start, it is a great, smooth ride, it is a beautiful Sea Foam blue, and best of all it is Indian!

This 1940 Indian Sport Scout was sold to Jerry Hatfield from a collector that had just moved to California from Chicago. He owned the bike for about 7 years and purchased from a seller in California. This bike looks good and runs great having completed the Death Valley Road Run in 2016 and used as a daily rider until Jerry’s disease got in the way of the ride. The bike has a clear California Title in Jerry Hatfield’s name. This 1940 Indian Sport Scout is a rider and not necessarily a perfect example of the Sport Scout. Fenders and toolbox are from Ironhorse Corral and the chain guard may be from Greer. The gas tanks are original and show signs of breaching of fumes on the bottom. They would be a good candidate for relining by Gas Tank Liners in Burbank, CA.From Jerry Hatfield:

“Other deviations from stock: Front fender and fender trim are 1941-1942 style. See Restoration Guide, Figures 187 and 188.  Front and rear fenders do not have two trim strips on top. Front fork is 1941-1942, being 1/8 inch wider to accommodate wider front fender. Wider fenders and front fork made it possible to fit larger 5.00 X 16 tires.”

Yes, Jerry Hatfield would be happy to sign a book for you if presented with the bike!


Unknown mileage since the rebuild/restore.


The paint on this motorcycle is very well prepared and shows excellent with a few minor scratches if any.

Sheet Metal

Sheet metal is in great shape and well fit. No known dings. The front fender is a 41 style if you know the difference. Tanks are in need of a new lining to protect from the bad California gas, some bubbling on the underside.


Chrome is in excellent shape, bright and shiny.


This motorcycle is in excellent mechanical condition. The engine is an easy start and very smooth through the gears. The gears in the transmission were replaced by Matt Blake for Hatfield 2 years ago. Jerry has used it for 2 years as a daily rider at his home in Fresno CA but his disease has gotten in the way of riding.

Wheels & Tires

Rims are steel with stainless nipples
Front Tire is 450 X 18
Rear Tire is 450 X 18


Clear California Title and registration.
Engine #
Frame #

Valuation Resource Guide

Suggested value for a 1 is $28,335 and a two is $13,50

Hagerty suggested value:
1 = $35,000
2 =$28,000
3 = $21,000


Jerry will sign a book for you if you send it along.

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