1940 Indian Chief — SOLD!

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This bike was purchased from a collector in Florida in December of 2004. This is a one-year model bike and as far as I can tell has mostly original parts. Correct fender skirts and toolbox for 1940 only. This was the first year for the skirted fenders. Incorrect parts are an open kicker cover instead of solid, a ’41 front brake lever, and a ’M344 Linkert NYPD carb. This is an older restoration (pre 2004) but runs great, good compression and rides very comfortably. Generator was rebuilt in 2004 by Indian Frank just prior to my purchase. The speedo head was restored by “Doc” Shuster and can provide written correspondence. It has the trip reset and high-speed needle. The repro parts I know of are the spotlights, crash bars, head light glass, air cleaner, and distributor rain bonnet (1940 only). The only mechanical issue I am aware of is that it sometimes pops out of second gear when going up a steep hill.


Unknown. 306 miles on rebuilt speedo head.


Non- original paint scheme. Two tone Indian red and Chinese red. Paint is good for its age. Some paint fade on the right tank. One chip on the rear fender. Some chipping on handlebars.

Sheet Metal

Great condition. Seems all original. Fender trim is not correct for the 1940.


Good condition


Strong engine. Good compression, starts with normal starting procedure. Hit 80 MPH on a straight last month. Minor oil leaks when cold.

Wheels & Tires

Rims: Original black rims and spokes.
Front Tire: OKADA 400-18
Rear Tire: Cheng Shin 450-18


Clear CA title VIN CDO1950
Engine # CD0 1950
Frame # 340 1950

Valuation Resource Guide

Excellent $53,520
Very Good $25,115
Good $14,780

Hagerty Value Guides:
• #1 Concours $45,000
• #2 Excellent $37,000
• #3 Good $29,000


As shown on the bike in the pictures. Double spotlights Rear fender luggage rack Fringe leather seat with Conchos

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