1938 AJS 350 Motorcycle – Colver Col

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This 1938 AJS is a track machine. It was imported to the Las Vegas auction from New Zealand. Perry Sands, of Performance Machine, bought it there and the current owner, a collector of English machine pre war purchased it from him. It is not street registered with the DMV as it lacks any lights.

It had 60’s vintage Sportster forks which were replaced with BSA M20 girder forks to get more of the 1930’s look. I also replaced a kluge pivoting kick starter with an original AJS type that pivots and is very “clean”. Footpeg rubbers were replaced. I repaired and coated the tank which is an aftermarket peanut type.

Last time started was today, December 18, 2016 (2nd kick).


Unknown, limited mileage


Excellent paint in need of a good wash and polish

Sheet Metal

Sheet metal limited to tanks and the rear fender. No dings or dents and very well fit.


Limited chrome but what is there is well plated and shiny.


This motorcycle is mechanically sound

Wheels & Tires



This motorcycle is sold on a bill of Sale only. California Title available for a $425 fee

Valuation Resource Guide

Not covered



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