1938-39 Harley Davidson FACTORY Experimental, Aluminum # XE 4 Motorcycle — SOLD!

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Classic Motorcycle Consignments is proud to announce the availability of an extremely unique, experimental, Harley Davidson 1938-39 Motorcycle! This is the actual, Bill Harley’s experimental, “second generation” 52-cubic-inch overhead valve 1938-39 Knucklehead prototype designed and fought for by Bill Harley in the late 1930’s. There were five prototypes produced, but this example is the only one equipped with aluminum heads and barrels. (It may be the only complete experimental Harley Davidson motorcycle known to remain in existence). The 1938 lower end is overhead-valve only, specific to this model, and utilizes an oil pump from a 1937 motorcycle. The motor is proprietary to this machine using narrow cams and the oversized cam cover. With an A-frame style head, Motor No. 4 is marked EX. The lifter blocks are drilled to the channel to vacuum the oil from the OHV heads. The wheels sport one-off narrow stepped hubs with small-spoke rims.

This prototype uses the “dome piston” mentioned in the Harley-Davidson board meetings between 1938 and 1939. Bill Harley took pride that this piston would end his overheating problem. This experimental motorcycle was sold to Roy Egeberg just after production and remained with him until 1974 when it was purchased by restorer Daniel Pugens, a known Harley-Davidson CAC, DAH and OHV specialist.

This experimental 1938-1939 Harley Davidson motorcycle has recently been restored to its original glory utilizing all of the parts purchased from Egeberg. Egeberg acquired this exact machine from the factory and had it titled in Minnesota until he sold it in 1974. The authenticity of this particular prototype experimental motorcycle is well documented including in the Harley Davidson archives, extensively in Herb Wagner’s “Harley-Davidson 1930-1941” and in Jerry Hatfield’s “Inside Harley-Davidson.” This 1938-39 motorcycle may be the only experimental Harley Davidson to be released from the factory.

This 1938–1939 Harley Davidson overhead valve motorcycle is a true investment quality motorcycle and it is available to the discerning buyer! Please contact Classic Motorcycle Consignments for details and research documents. 


..zero miles


Excellent quality and application of the paint

Sheet Metal

Excellent sheet metal, proper fit




This engine starts and runs well, It is a FACTORY Experimental assembly and should not be used as a riding machine.There is a reason this all aluminum assembly was not put into production. This motorcycle was taken out of the factory and hidden so that it would not be destroyed. Not everything Harley attempted was perfect or correct.

Wheels & Tires

Correct and fresh


Sold on a bill of sale with a copy of the original MN Title

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