1937 Indian Jr. Scout Motorcycle

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1937 Indian Jr Scout

This 1937 Indian Jr Scout is a survivor. It is an original paint machine with great patina. It is 95% factory original with a few user add-on’s. The bike was used in the central valley of California and was well ridden by the last known owner. The engine and transmission were rebuilt and “hot rodded” by a renown early motorcycle builder, Steve Huntsinger. Huntsinger was consulted on 1/15/2015 and confirmed that he rebuilt these pieces and built the exhaust in 2012. This motorcycle has a clear California Title and was last registered in 2012. The passenger seat is the early flip up type, correct for the era but not correct for this small frame. The speedometer works and indicates 33,300 miles which is probably correct for this bike.


33,300 plus showing on a working Speedometer. According to Huntsinger, this machine was well ridden by the owner that brought it to him for engine and Tranny rebuild.


By all accounts and opinions, this is an original paint machine. It has a good patina and will do well with a preservation bath.

Sheet Metal

Sheet metal appears to be original, good fitting and in great shape. No rust evident and minimal dents or dings. The largest dent is a dollar indent in the leading edge of the right gas tank.


Minimal chrome on this prewar machine. The wheels are chromed which would not be correct and they have not weathered well.


This engine and transmission was rebuilt by Steve Huntsinger on 2012. The internals are all new and the exterior patina was left intact. The internals are of the “hot Rod” variety purchased from Greer engineering. Lincoln Zephyr pistons were used with a stroked rod. The engine is a easy start and the gears are smooth. Although bored and stroked, this 30,50 cc engine still will not “pull the skin off a grape” according to Huntsinger. It is an easy cruise at 45 mph on the flats…wound out at 55 mph.

Wheels & Tires

The rims have been chromed. They may not be Indian but rather British?. They have stainless spokes attached to the proper Indian Scout hubs.


Clean and clear California Title.
Engine # ECG 510
Frame # 537 510
Belly # N/A on Indians

Valuation Resource Guide

This motorcycle would rate as a 1 in the NADA book with a current value of $15,750. The current status of the machine and verified work by Huntsinger increases the value of this machine.


1) The buddy seat is a one year only item and hard to find. Best used on a larger frame.
2) The Speedometer is a great accessory

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