1936 Sunbeam 500 Motorcycle – Colver Col

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Buy it Now Price: SOLD Price Range: $8,000 to $9,250 Inquire About this Motorcycle


1936  Sunbeam 500 model 9

This 1936 Sunbeam motorcycle is a 500 cc model. It is believed to be a Model 9. It was purchased from Harry V Sucher in 2002. Harry had possession of this bike for upwards of 30 years. It was one of his favorite rides. It was always maintained by Johnny Eagles in Orange, Harry’s favorite and personal mechanic. Both of whom are written up in Harry’s Books. This great machine was ridden on many of the SoCal AMCA road runs by both Harry and the current owner. The motorcycle has a California Title and current registration with a non op. The motorcycle has not been run for 10 years and is in need of a proper service to make it road worthy.

This motorcycle is being sold to reduce the number of bikes in the estate and get them back into caring hands.

Mileage: 9114 showing on the clock and believed to be correct working speedo.

Paint: Early paint restoration that continues to show and clean well. This machine has always been housed indoors and is now in need of a good cleaning and polish.

Sheet metal: All original sheet metal with minimal dings or dents if any.

Chrome: Cad Plated, no chrome.

Tires and Rims: Rims are painted steel with Cadmium spokes. Tires are Coker 400 X 19

Mechanical: Oil flow vale has been converted to a shut off vale because of the continuous flow system which used to sump all of the time. Motorcycle was maintained by Johnny Eagles and was always a good performer. This machine will need a proper service before it is once again campaigned on the road.

TITLE:  Clean, California title with a non op registration.

Engine #          175380331

Frame #           17539.1.502

NADA: This year motorcycle is not rated or valued by NADA

Accessories:  none. Some paperwork to this bike if found.

Price:  Offered in a range of $8000 to $9,250         Buy now of $9,750


9114 showing on the clock which is believed to have been working and accurate.


Older restoration with quality paint application which shows well when cleaned and polished. Minimal road patiuna or scratches

Sheet Metal

All original sheet metal, correctly fit. Minimal dings or dents.


No chrome on this year model.


This machine was always serviced by Johnny Eagles. Harry V Sucher's personal mechanic and friend, This is a good strong runner that has completed many AMCA road runs. Bike has not been run in 10 years and is in need of a good service.

Wheels & Tires

Painted steel rims with Cadmium spokes. Tires are Coker 400 X 19 front and rear with good tread and sidewalls but may not be serviceable.


Clear California Title with current registration n Non-op

Valuation Resource Guide

This year machine not rated by NADA



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