1934 Harley VLD — Sucher Collection

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1934 Harley VLD — Sucher Collection

This 1934 Harley VLD is a pedigreed motorcycle from the Harry V Sucher collection. Harry’s main avocation which he pursued all his life was finding, restoring, and riding antique motorcycles. He wrote the definitive histories of the Indian and Harley – Davidson motorcycles and has been called the foremost American motorcycle historian. He was one of the early members of the Antique Motorcycle Club of America, SoCal Chapter.

Harry authored Harley-Davidson, The Milwaukee Marvel (August 1981). While writing this book and doing the requisite investigation of the fact by talking to dealers and factory members, Harry found all of the parts necessary to restore this 1934 VLD using all original new old stock parts off of the shelf. Johnny Eagles were doing the restoration and when in need of a part he would ring Harry up, inform him of the need and wait for the mail! The bike has minimal miles and has just been returned by Eagles so that she is “show and GO ready”

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The working speedometer indicates 720 total miles on the restoration.


The original restoration paint and striping by Johnny Eagles has held up well. Excellent quality and great sheen. Paint polished right up and has a few chips from road use. This is near perfect paint with minimal flaws.

Sheet Paint

Sheet metal is original material and of excellent fit and finish


Minimal chrome but well done and bright and shiny.


This engine is mechanically sound with an original rebuild/restoration by Johnny Eagles followed by a recent tune-up by the same. This is a first ignition kick start and it runs flawlessly through the gears. This machine is powered with a generator and battery to supply the lights.

Wheels & Tires

Tires are early production Dunlop Gold 400 X 18 fitted on a painted rim with Stainless spokes. Minimal miles showing on the tread.


Clean, clear, Arizona Title current registration.
Engine # 34 VLD 3274
Frame # none

Valuation Resource Guide

This machine would rate as a 1


Book references.

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