1928 Indian Hill Climber 80-inch A80-57 SV

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This 1928 Indian Scout Hill-climber is an 80 inch side valve powered motorcycle. The factory engine marked A80 -57 was found in a pile long ago in Mike Eagan’s shop in Los Angeles.  Also located there was some different parts and frames from early power plus race machines. This 80 inch side valve hill climber was assembled with the assist of the parts pile found in Egan’s shop. Current owner also has a factory original 1930 Indian Scout hill climber. The 1930 factory original A45 hill climber was used as the design model to house the factory 80 inch side valve engine. This motorcycle has been meticulously restored, breathes fire and is available for the next curator.


Zero miles on this rebuilt Hill Climber.


Excellent quality and application of the correct Indian Red during restoration.

Sheet Metal

Sheet metal is factory original, rescued from the parts pile and now in incredible shape. Original pictures of the found status available.


No Chrome on this machine. Polished nickel where appropriate.


This motorcycle is in excellent mechanical condition with a newly rebuilt engine by Nick Atkins, a quality and knowledgeable builder in Australia. This hill climber has one gear and an extra heavy duty clutch for its hill climbing duties. This engine has been correctly and completely overhauled and is running; a real fire-breather!

Wheels & Tires

Rims are Steel 16-inch painted with painted spokes
Front Tire is Cocker Firestone 400 X 16
Rear Tire is Cocker firestone 400 X 16


Bill of Sale only. (This motorcycle is currently in the US) Engine # A 80 - 57 Frame # N/A

Valuation Resource Guide

Not valued. Other auction results known.


Certain paperwork and historical research in this model and specific motorcycle.

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