1928 Indian 101 Scout

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1928 Indian 101 Scout

This Indian 101 by the owner in 1944 in the Detroit Michigan area. This 101 Scout motorcycle was last run in 1972 and it was lightly used up until then beginning in 1946 or so when the owner came home from the War. This is an incredible save of a great piece of history. The family’s story of the motorcycle goes with the sale.

This 101 Scout has a current California Title. This is not a perfect 101 Scout but it is a great piece of American motorcycling Scout motorcycle is a barn find original motorcycle. This 101 Scout motorcycle was purchased history.


Unknown mileage on the motorcycle. 38,101 miles indicated on the speedometer. Overall condition of the motorcycle indicates heavy use.


The paint on this motorcycle is sporting its original patina, Mat be original paint but the tank decal has been upgraded

Sheet Metal

The sheet metal on this motorcycle is original. And in very good condition with minimum dents. The rear fender is hinged which means it was installed after 1930




This motorcycle is a barn fresh find. The motor is stuck but complete with no cosmetic damage to the assembly noted.

Wheels & Tires

Tires and rims are original and deplete of original air…If this 101 motorcycle is to be started and run as is, new rims and tires should be fitted and the old ones saved


Clean, clear, California Title. This motorcycle is not registered Engine # CGP 1632 Frame # none

Valuation Resource Guide

This Indian 101 Scout motorcycle would rate as a 3+ by NADA standards but it is much more than that because of its rarity.


Records back to 1944

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