1928 Harley Davidson JD Scrambler — Restored — SOLD!!

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Buy it Now Price: $27,500 OBO Price Range: $31,500 to $33,250 Inquire About this Motorcycle


1928 Harley Davidson JD Scrambler — Restored

$27,500 OBO

● Built in 1954 from a trailer full of motorcycle parts to participate in off-road competition events.
● Raced successfully on the San Francisco Peninsula in local events.
● Later stored dry until shown in early 2000’s.
● Motorcycle acquired from builder’s estate in 2016 for a sympathetic restoration to its 1950’s state.

Upon completion of the restoration in 2019, the bike was on display in the lobby of The National Automobile Museum, The Harrah Collection, Reno, NV for 14 months. It was also shown at The One Moto Show in Portland, OR in 2020 and then received an Award of Merit at the 2021 Ironstone Concours, Murphy’s, CA. Initial engine start-up was in January 2022.

Numerous photographs, a testimonial statement from the builder, receipts, awards and all surplus parts accompany the bike’s sale.

The bike is mechanically sound and ready to ride. Final tuning has been left open for the new buyer or we will break it in for 500 miles once paid, that would be great fun!

Unknown. Initially built as a race bike with no odometer.

Sheetmetal, bare metal stripped, primer, and painted. Fenders and tanks painted to match original build colors. Primary cover, chain guard, battery box powder coated in low gloss black. Frame paint and wheels unrestored. Touchup paint provided. Custom pin striping is complete, the paint scheme with simple lines and the builder’s race number, #98, on the tank sides. The battery box is painted with the 1954 builder’s identification and the name “Betty Jo”

Sheet Metal
New parts from Replicant Metal – fuel and oil tanks, both sides, battery box, handlebars, cables, and hand controls. Fenders from Brit bikes in 1954 with metal work to close-up surplus mounting holes. Vintage head lamp powder coated. Repop “Crocker” style tail/brake light added. Jiffy stand and center stand from Replicant Metal. Bicycle saddle from original 1954 build. WL repop seat also provided.

“Crocker” style taillight plated.

Power plant rebuilt 2019. New pistons and rings. Rotating mass was reworked in the early 50’s. Engine was reported to be stroked at that time. Intake tracts modified as well. Engine was started for its first heat cycle after the rebuild in January 2022. No smoke, excessive vibration or other problems noted on start up. Engine will require break-in and final tuning. Final tuning has been left open for the new buyer or we will break it in for 500 miles once paid, that would be great fun!

Wheels & Tires
Rims: Period clincher rims installed by original builder. Believed to be Harley WL, painted silver.
Rear Tire:  4.00×18
Front Tire: 3.50 X 18

Magneto ignition. No generator. Lighting was added to the original build for road use. Period headlamp, tail lamp and brake light with brake switch added to the original build. Lights and magneto cut-out added. Cloth covered wires, Shorai battery and an enclosed fuse panel complete the electrical modifications. All are easily removed for off-roading. Shorai battery charger included.

Registered, current plates and insurance for road use.
Sold on current Nevada State title in seller’s name
Engine # 28JDL6347

Valuation Resources

NADA: https://www.nadaguides.com/Motorcycles/1928/Harley-Davidson/JD-TWIN-74ci/Values

Excellent:    $49,355
Very Good: $21,165
Good:          $12,195

Hagerty Value Guide: 1928 Harley Davidson JD Values

#1 Concours: $53,900
#2 Excellent: $44,100
#3 Good:        $34,300
#4 Fair:          $24,500

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