1928 Allan Herschell Carousel

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This historic carousel was manufactured in 1928 by the Allan Herschell Carousel Co. of North Tonawanda, New York. The diameter is 36’and it is 24’ tall. The mechanical carousel features 27 jumper horses and a menagerie mix (3) for a total of 30 animals.  There are also 2 chariots. There are a variety of horses (6 original C. W. Parker Aluminum horses, one fiberglass reproduction horse, and 20 wooden reproduction horses. The menagerie includes reproduction wooden Hippocampus and Rabbit and a fiberglass reproduction Denzel Cat with a Catch. There are no early day records of this carousel but it is possible that it toured the west coast on the carnival circuit. It was designed to be assembled by a few men in a couple of hours.

In 1950 it went into private ownership on a ranch in San Diego County. The carousel was sold to a dealer in 1990 and all of the original half and half horses except one (the lead horse) were sold separately. This carousel was purchased in 1992 and restored by 1996 in honor of a 50th wedding anniversary with the theme of “Once Around isn’t Enough.” Since restoration, it has been in an enclosed building in California. It qualifies to be listed on the US Census of Historic Carousels and the US Register of Historic Places.

This historic carousel is less than half of the cost of a new carousel and is available now rather than in 1-2 years. The original lead horse (Allen Herschell half and half – fully restored) is also available at an additional cost of $7500.

This historic carousel is part of the George Pope Collection.

POWER: The carousel is operated by a 5 hp heavy duty 220v single phase motor. It has its original transmission and gearing. Also included is a 4 hp Onan gas engine that was also used to power the carousel.

PRICE: Net price of $110,000 FOB Fresno CA.  As is, Where Is, How Is.  Buyer is responsible for dismantle and transport. Seller will assist with instructions and directions of lessons learned, and list of experienced transport contacts




The paint on this assembly is near new and of superb quality and sheen. The frame and rods are powder coated. Rarely used except for family functions. It has been well cared for since restoration in 1994.

Sheet Metal





This carousel is mechanically sound and operational.

Wheels & Tires




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The original (fully restored) Alan Herschell half and half lead horse is available for purchase separately at $7500.

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