1928 AJS 350 – Castoro Col- SOLD!

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Buy it Now Price: $24,000 Price Range: $18,500 to $20,250 Inquire About this Motorcycle


This exquisite 1928 AJS 350 Single was purchased at the Mecum Motorcycle auction , Las Vegas 2019. I was with Robert Castoro walking the floor when he saw this sitting in a corner in the line up of 1500 Bikes. Robert just stopped in his tracks and said, this is a beautiful bike. Beautiful color, beautiful mechanics, beautiful art. It belongs in my house in the entryway. And so it was. Robert Castoro was quite an artist with a flair for exquisite art pieces. This 1928 AJS 350 Single became a center piece of his collection.

AJS was an early producer of quality motorcycles. They were stout, dependable, and race proven.

This is a prime example of the AJS 350 K , single side valve.

The AJS & matchless Owners Club states that 1200 of these machines were made in 1928 and that this bike was in service in Sweden from 1928 until 1932. This bike was restored in 2012 by Gigge Rydh in Sweden and became a part of the famous MC Collection of Stockholm. Imported into the USA for the Las Vegas auction of 2019, it is now available from the estate of Robert Castoro.



Unknown. It is suspected that the bike has no mileage since restoration.


Outstanding paint application during the restoration. It is currently flawless in its current state. Check the pictures.

Sheet Metal

Sheet metal appears to be original. It is well fit and without signs of dings or damage.


Good condition.


Mechanical condition is unknown. The bike has not been operated during its current ownership. Purported by the literature at the auction to be ready to ride.

Wheels & Tires

Rims: Original rims and spokes painted black Front Tire: Dunlop Gold seal 3:25 X 19 serviceable Rear Tire: Dunlop Gold seal 3:25 X 19 serviceable


Sold on a bill of sale with import papers from Sweden Engine # K 111172 Frame # K 111172

Valuation Resources

NADA: Not Rated Hagerty Value Guides: Not Rated Mecum 2019 sales brochure anticipated value of $18,000 to $24,000

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