1924 Indian Scout

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Currently in the possession of the second owner, this 1924 Indian Scout Motorcycle was purchased from the family of the original owner in the early 1990’s. This machine was used on a farm in Eastern Washington State when originally purchased and then it retired to a special spot in the barn.

The machine was kept in a very dry climate its entire life, as there is no rust. It was used to haul gas and oil to the farm equipment in the wheat fields with a homemade sidecar attached. When the motorcycle was finally purchased from the family’s estate in 1990, the family gave the current owner a picture of the original owner riding the machine circa 1930. The original owner was Joseph Hiesig, of Waterville, Washington. This original photograph is included in the sale of this motorcycle. This motorcycle has survived 84 years in the hands of only two careful owners.

This fine example of American motorcycling should be purchased by someone who will keep it “as is” for others to enjoy. We are not “owners” of these machines, merely “caretakers” of American motorcycle history. An original motorcycle is only original once.


No odometer.


Original Indian Red – not oxidized by long periods of exposure to the elements. Intricate paint details stand tall on close examination.

Sheet Metal

Excellent with a few dings. Original patina. The battery box and the too box were found hanging on the farm property when purchased by the current owner. He has carefully re-installed them in the correct position with the original brackets and hardware which were wired to the items!




This machine has been ridden by the current owner short distances. The gas tank is corroded inside, but does not leak gas. The oil tank fittings to the oil pump are frozen in place but patent. When ridden the machine was protected by use of a full hand-pump of oil per trip. The magneto is very hot and the machine starts on the first kick.

Wheels & Tires



There is no title, as it was used exclusively for farm work.

Valuation Resource Guide

This machine is a true # 1 ++. NADA estimated value August 2007 is $29,350.


Electric headlights and taillights - Splitdorf generator - Toolbox with original maintenance instruction label pasted to the inside lid - Battery box with 1920s vintage battery - Amp gauge with Indian script in face, non faded. - Messenger seat - Klaxon horn with correct bracket. - KB spotlight - New aftermarket tires

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