1924 Henderson Four Cylinder with Goulding Sidecar

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This 1924 Henderson Four cylinder motorcycle is an older restoration by Francis Clifford (Cliff). The bike was ridden by Hap Jones over the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the bridge. Hap was accompanied by Mrs. Francis Clifford who was a niece of the Henderson’s. Hap, as a motorcycle enthusiast and racer rode the lead motorcycle on the original parade over the Golden Gate on opening date.The motorcycle was restored in the late 70’s and has been lightly used. It is in great shape and it is a clean and strong runner.


Unknown. Less than 500 miles on the restoration. This fine machine has been used to do funtrips around town to poick up kids from school and take the wife to brunches.


This motorcycle was repainted during the rebuild. The paint is in great shape and shows very well.MInimal storage or use blemishes

Sheet Metal

Sheet metal is original and correctly fitted.No dings or dents


None. Any shiny stuff is nickel.


This motorcycle is in excellent mechanical condition. It fired right up on bad fuel when I checked on it. The motor and tranny were gone through by “Francis Clifford” and they are sound. The motorcycle took a few laps around its storage home and was reversed back into storage!

Wheels & Tires

Tires are Goodyear 3.85 X 20. They are on painted rims with painted spokes.


Sold on a clear California Title with non op registration.
Engine # D 11590 A
Frame # none

Valuation Resource Guide

This would rate as a 1-


Goulding side car with all of the correct items including the full step.This bike was used in the 50 year commemorative parade of the Golden Gate Bridge. It was ridden by Hap Jones (San Francisco Indian dealer). who was accompanied by Helen Clift, grand niece of the Henderson's. Hap rode the lead bike in the parade over the Golden Gate on the opening day opf the bridge. Pictures of the trip memorial over the Bridge are included with the bike.

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