1919 Reading Standard Motorcycle

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Reading Standard motorcycles were manufactured in a facility on River Street in Reading, Pennsylvania, from 1903 to 1923. They were often advertised as “R-S” motorcycles.

The 1919 Reading Standard was built in the heyday of the factory, when it produced around 1,700 machines per year. It features the powerful 71 CI side-valve engine and 3-speed gearbox as standard, plus a full acetylene lighting system. This is an elegant and powerful motorcycle, a top-notch alternative to its rivals of the day, with advanced styling harkening to the future, and a very low saddle height created by curving the frame top tubes downward, giving the gas tank a hint of the streamlined craze to come in the 1920’s. This is a rare and beautiful motorcycle that has just been given a complete restoration. This particular motorcycle was found as a rolling chassis in a pile of parts that came over to Los ‘Angeles from Australia in 2018 and placed in storage waiting its turn for a proper restoration. Primary assembled by Richard Morris selecting the best parts in the pile for use on this motorcycle.  Engine completed by Johnny Eagles. Quality paint prep and correct nickel plating allow this to stand in full glory as it appeared in 1919.

This 1919 Treading Standard was presented to the public at the El Camino Vintage Swap & Show in October of 2022 and was honored with the Peoples Choice Award!

MILEAGE:  Zero miles on this newly completed restoration.

PAINT: Correct paint color for a Reading Standard, Sylvan Green, properly prepped and applied. Correct pinstriping highlights the beauty of the motorcycle.

SHEET METAL: Original sheet metal from the factory remains in excellent shape. It is well fit, no dings , dents or repairs noted.

CHROME:  Applied nickel during the restoration is in excellent shape with a great sheen.

MECHANICAL: This motorcycle drive train was built by the famous early American Motorcycle mechanic, Johnny Eagles, in 2018. It has recently been serviced and prepared for the road by rebuilding the carb and the magneto. This bike is a strong runner and ready for some shake down runs to correctly break in the power plant and assembly.

Rims:   Correct safety rims, painted steel with painted nipples and spokes.
Front Tire:  Firestone 28 X 3 Non-Skid tread.
Rear Tire:   Firestone 28 X 3 Non-Skid tread.

TITLE: Clear California Title in the seller’s name.
Engine # 22-845
Frame  # N/A
VIN      # 22-845


NADA: This brand is not listed in the value guide.

Hagerty Value Guide:  This brand is not listed in the value guide

Mecum Auctions:

1916 Reading Standing Twin Sold in 2017 for $85,000

1920 Reading Standard Twin Sold in 2019 for $57,200


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