1914 Harley Davidson 10F Motorcycle – Basket Case — COMPLETE RESTORATION! — SOLD!!!

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Buy it Now Price: Complete Including Paint, Nickel, and Striping -- $105,000 OBO -- SOLD!! Price Range: $105,000 OBO --- SOLD!! Inquire About this Motorcycle


This 1914 Harley-Davidson 10-F 2-Speed motorcycle is COMPLETE and READY FOR ROAD TRAILS!!  Built by Johnny Eagles, it is the real deal and road-worthy. 

It does have a clear California title.

There are pictures of the build and a signed affidavit by Johnny that he did the work and stands by it.


This 1914 Harley Davidson Model 10 F is a gathering of parts, both old and new, with the goal of building a correct one-year only motorcycle. This parts basket is just shy of being a rolling basket. Some of the parts have been machined and some are in final paint (front and rear wheels and hubs). 

All of the hard to find one-year only parts have been gathered over time. Seller is out of time to build and is ready to move this to the next builder/curator.

This basket case as a finished motorcycle would be an excellent candidate for the next Cannon Ball event!

This basket is now under restoration with the engine and mechanical being completed by Johnny Eagles, the famous pre-16 builder.


The speedometer is not in the pile.


Check the pictures carefully. A few of the pieces are in final paint and some of the pieces are in primer, while others are original rust!
Paint has been contracted and will be complete by end of 2017

Sheet Metal

Sheet metal is complete and correct. The gas tanks are correct reproduction by a master as are the fenders and the oil bag. Very difficult to know from original.

Sheet metal is being final fit and prepped for paint.
Sheet metal is mostly early reproduction by Jerry Demille, a respected metal man.


None. All shiny stuff should be nickel.

All nickle is being re-plated by a quality company during the restoration including the cylinders.


This was a basket case. The rear, 2 speed hub is in final form and ready for the road. The remainder of the mechanical is in restoration or rebuild by Johnny Eagles, famous pre-16 engine builder. Very rare, one-year only cylinders and included as are 2 sets of rods and 2 sets of flywheels. Most linkage is complete only needing some clevises and turnbuckles. all linkage has been located and is ready for final fitting.

Wheels & Tires

Rims are in final paint. Spokes are stainless steel with stainless nipples
Front Tire is Original Firestone Non Skid 28 X 3
Rear Tire is Original Firestone Non Skid 28 X 3


Clean California Title using the Engine # as VIN
Engine # Correct, clean Engine number
Frame # None for this year Harley Davidson
Belly # Matching

Valuation Resource Guide

Value Guide:
Excellent $103,850
Very Good $ 54,785

Hagerty Value:
• #1 Concours $115,000
• #2 Excellent $ 90,000
• #3 Good



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