1914 Excelsior Twin Cylinder -Two-Speed – Model TS Vintage Motorcycle

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1914 Excelsior Twin Cylinder -Two-Speed

The restoration of this fine Excelsior motorcycle is now complete.

The bike runs well and is ready for a 100 mile break in. The motor is as strong as advertised and the machine is beautiful. This 1914 Excelsior motorcycle is a mix of barn fresh, eclectic collected, and new manufacture. The majority of the parts were purchased from the Leibee estate a few years (10) back. Mr. Leibee had been collecting parts for this machine and others throughout the country for 20 years prior to his untimely demise. The current parts collection is best described as an original paint rebuild. It is time to move on to final tune and road trials. The engine is a fresh rebuild (1980?) by a renowned builder. This 1914 motorcycle is ready for the show circuit (Winner Dixon 2014, Best Original) and for any road run you are ready to take.


3 miles on this assembly and engine.


Some of the sheet metal is original barn fresh including the original paint front and rear fender, gas tank, and frame. Original decal on gas tanks is original patina and sharp. The primary cover is also original paint.

Sheet Metal

Sheet Metal: Most of the major sheet metal is original metal with original paint. Reproduction sheet metal is minimal but very well done. Many fasteners and linkage is reproduction. Original metal pieces are excellent with minimal dings or dents.


None. Good nickel on two speed transmission and rebuilt wheels


Engine is a fresh build by a reputable builder back in the late 80's early 90's. Built to ride. Complete with carb and magneto. New chains and piston rings and rebuilt clutches on the two speed transmission. Correct carb and good tread on used clincher tires. Motor started and ran instantly on first application of gas, oil and compression. Starting and running and shifting and neutral and stopping with both brakes is now on line. Oiling systems, ie sump supply pump, drip valve and drip glass fully functional. No broken or repaired fins on engine.

Wheels & Tires

Wheels are laced and ready to go. Front hub is Eclipse and has been replated and placed on a PJA Pneumatic 28 x 3 white tire. Rear hub is a Nu Departure dual brake that has been re-plated in nickel. Wheel has been re-laced with stainless and in a painted rim and supplied with a matching tire to the front.


Bill of sale available. California Title available for a fee. The engine serial number is 59213

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Reproduction rear rack; NOS taillight and a clamp-on acetylene generator. license plate, Diamond acetylene headlight may be available. Foot boards and foot brake were stock on this model.

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