1913 Excelsior Twin Motorcycle Model 7-C 1913 Original Parts Bike

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Excelsior Motorcycle  Model 7 – C Twin Cylinder Original Parts Bike

This is a partial original motorcycle that was found  in dry storage  in a home in The Midwest.

The family is trying to determine how long the bike was in the storage area  and who placed it there. This machine has held up very well in it’s secret home!


None. Unknown


None, was original

Sheet Metal

Well preserved for what is there.


Motor is currently frozen but appears intact and should free right up


Wheels and tires are as found oir aas left years back. Tires are for wall hanging only. Rims are complete with spokes and hubs.

Wheels & Tires

Sold on a bill of sale


Not rated

Valuation Resource Guide

None. The family is still looking for records and parts

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