1913 Excelsior 7SC Motorcycle

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This 1913 Excelsior 7SC (Short Coupled Frame) motorcycle was discovered over a fireplace in Central California. It was found in poor condition and appeared to have been beaten pretty hard over the years so a complete restoration was undertaken. The 1913 Excelsior motor was built by Johnny Eagles of Orange, CA. He also built the carb and magneto. The motor is beautiful with all details accounted for, including a very rare Schebler 1912-13 carburetor with a racing extension. The detail work on this machine is phenomenal!

The riveted tank is an original unit from the teens and was completely rebuilt by Jimmy Rader of Rader Hot Rods. The front fork is a factory racing fork and is very rare. The Venolia pistons were custom made for this 1913 Excelsior.

All bars and controls are Excelsior except a couple of the small pieces that were copied from original pieces. The seat is an original Mesinger seat restored by Heilmann in the 80s.

Everything works on the bike as it should. Shakes the ground!




Paintwork is unbelievable as well as the pinstriping. Flawless is the best word to describe it!

Sheet Metal

Frame is a Factory 7SC Frame.
Frame #3 2278
Engine #46269


Best described as shiny thunder eye candy!


External pump to rear of case. Original 1913 carb with Swiss cheese inlet built by Johnny Eagles as well as the 61" motor.

Everything works on the bike as it should. No brakes, no suspension, no fear. Brakes can easily be added with parts from Walker Machine. External pump to rear of the case. All original cantilever controls for gas and clutch. Bosch zen mag also built by Eagles.

Wheels & Tires

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