1911 Harley Davidson 7A Motorcycle

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This is an original paint, original 1911 Harley Davidson 7A Single Cylinder, Belt Drive Motorcycle. This 1911 Harley is in the hands of the 4th owner and he has owned the bike for 20 years. Current owner purchased the 1911 Harley 7A from the 3rd owner. That owner told the story of this bike being given by the factory to rider Ray Weishaar. When Ray passed his wife kept the bike for many years until she handed it down to her nephew who gave it to the 3rd owner. (This story was told to the current owner at time of purchase). The 3rd owner lived in Watsonville CA.

This original paint motorcycle is a real rider and is used to putt around events without pushing it on road runs. It is only original ONCE! The engine number is very unique in that it simply says 7A and is matched on the cylinder. The belly numbers and the number inside the timing cover also match. Speculation is rampant about the significance of a single number of 7A.

This 1911 Harley Davidson 7A has many excellent accessories and they will remain on the bike. Steve Huntsinger rebuilt the engine in 2012 and the current owner disassembled, reviewed, and reassembled all of the hubs and bearings to ensure that he could ride the bike and protect it forever. The bike potentially has 5 miles on it after the mechanical restoration and it has only been run at swap meets and events to perform for the crowds! This historical investment motorcycle is available, running, and ready for the next curator.

Larger (straight out of the camera) Sized Photos are available for you to view upon request.


Unknown. The Veeder trip odometer shows 4872.7. The engine rebuild has potentially 5 miles on it.


The paint on this motorcycle appears to be original and well preserved. Pinstriping is correct for the year and remains very visible. I would give it an oil bath to feed the carbon in the paint and to help the pin stripping stand up.

Sheet Metal

Sheet metal is all original and in excellent shape, very well fit, no major dings or dents evident. No softening of the underbelly noted, tank holds fuel.


Shiny stuff would be nickel.


This motorcycle is in excellent mechanical condition and runs nicely. The engine was gone through and properly built by Steve Huntsinger. The magneto was rebuilt by Lane Plotner. Note the lever on the carb choke. Ever seen one of those?

Wheels & Tires

RIMS are original clinchers with steel spokes
FRONT TIRE is 28 X 2.5 X 2 white tire (no black pigment added) and is early Coker Universal Tire CO, Lancaster PA
REAR TIRE is 28 X 2.5 X 2 white tire (no black pigment added) and is early Coker Universal Tire CO, Lancaster PA


Bill of Sale only. California Title available for a fee.
Engine # 7A
Frame # N/A
Belly # 7A

Valuation Resource Guide

Value guides suggested value as a 1 is $77,165
Hagerty -- Suggested value as Concourse at $70,000


Note the accessories on the bike including CA license Plate, pedometer, gaslight, hand air pump, choke lever, special pedal blocks.

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